10 Hair Care Tips To Save The Day In Monsoon

hair care tips

Thick and long hair is a dream of many people, similarly falling or broken, damaged hair is not less than a nightmare in reality.  It has been proved that more than 90% of people get severe hair fall during monsoon, it is because of the humidity a well as acidic rain. Rain water is not good for our hair, they loosen the hair roots resulting hair fall.  

Our hair definitely needs more care and attention during those rainy days. Healthy diet is the most versatile way to safe our hair from falling and it also promotes lustrous and beautiful hair. Apart from healthy diet, here are some amazing hair care tips that would save your day during monsoon.  

Hair cleansing regime:

hair care tips

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Monsoon is the time when bacterial growth increases and many hair infections may take place. The best way to protect your hair from those fungal infections are to wash your hair frequently. Washing your hairs in every alternate days will help you keep your scalp clean. Always go for a mild shampoo so that it does not dry out your hair as dry hair may result into split ends as well as hair breakage.

Hair oiling:

hair care tips

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Never skip on your hair oiling before getting your hair cleansed as massaging your scalp with oil would increase blood circulation which helps in hair growth. Oiling also provides nourishment to your hairs that they need to look healthy and shiny. Go for organic hair oils such as coconut oil, sweet almond oil, castor oil etc.

Combing routine:

hair care tips

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Never ever comb your hair when they are wet as wet hair tends to break easily and even get tangled. Always go for wide toothed hair brush, this would untangle your hair with less breakage. Comb at least twice a day to untangle your hair when is it dry.

Let your hair dry:

hair care tips

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Never ever try your hair if they are wet instead leave them open. During winter we might get wet in rain and rain water is definitely not your hair’s friend so always towel dry or rather wash your hair with mild shampoo and conditioner. This would prevent bacterial growth on your scalp resulting in less hair fall. Never forget to carry an umbrella during this season and apply hair serum before getting out of home.

Hair pack:

hair care tips

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Pamper your hair with some amazing hair pack. Pack packs are the source of nutrition and protein for the hairs. It makes hairs strong and also promotes hair growth eliminating all the hair related issues. Mixture of amla powder(Indian gooseberry powder), curd and lemon is best for hair growth and Indian gooseberry also helps to avoid premature graying of hairs.

Avoid hair tool:

hair care tips

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It is best to avoid hair tools such as hair stylers, hair dryers etc as hairs tends to be weak and dry in this season and using these tools might results into hair damage.

Hair conditioning is a must:

hair care tips

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Like hair wash, hair conditioning is a must as well because it helps in restoring the nourishment that hair loses during hair wash.

Trim your hair:

hair care tips

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Keep on trimming your hair as short hairs are easy to manage and also tends to break less compared to that of long hair. Trimming your hair would also result into no split ends which would help to avoid hair breakage.

Hair serums:

hair care tips

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Hair serums are your best friend during this monsoon season as it helps to make your hair frizz free and manageable which results into less hair breakage.

Treat itchy scalp:

hair care tips

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Never ignore if you get itchy scalp this season, this might happen due to two reasons. First reason is due to dandruff which can be treated with lemon juice and second is fungal infection which needs medical treatment.

If you would show some love to your hairs by following these simple monsoon hair care tips then would definitely get silky and healthy hair this season of rain.