11 Ways You Can Benefit From Brisk Walking Than Other Exercises

brisk walking benefits

Brisk walking is the walking done in a certain level of speed, it is the slightly slower than running but of course much faster than that of a regular walk. Experts have given certain parameters for considering any walk as brisk walking, generally people measure the number of steps taken within a minute and usually the least number of steps taken within a minute are 100 steps. It is one of the easiest forms of exercise that one can perform and most amazing thing about it is that you need to take any training before starting it and it can be performed at home as well so you don’t need to get outdoors everyday you want do some exercise. This particular exercise does not have any side effect so you can start doing it without any fear. It takes certain time to perform or the result might come a little late but the result would be satisfying for sure and would last for longer period of time as well. Here are some amazing benefits that you can enjoy if you have included brisk walking in your every day’s routine:

11 benefits of brisk walking:

Support weight loss:

brisk walking benefits

Source : besthealthmag.ca

It is one of the main reasons behind lots of people joining gym or practicing many other exercises well what if you could lose some unwanted pounds of your body weight just by walking, yes brisk walking is an amazing kind of workout that one can perform in order to lose weight. It is said that if you would do at least 30 minutes of brisk walking in a day then you would be able to burn as much as 200 calories in just a single day. Even if you are just a beginner in exercise then also you would find this workout super simple and can do it as a pro.

Prevent diseases:

brisk walking benefits

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Walking daily helps in keeping us active which actually prevents many diseases from taking place in our body. Walking daily promotes good heart health and also looks after decent rate of heart beat. Apart from heart walking looks after many other parts as well as functioning of our body which all together helps in preventing many deadly diseases so it is always better to walk for 30 minutes a day then to suffer from diseases for a life time.

Makes your bones as well as muscles strong:

brisk walking benefits

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If you think that by walking your bones may get damaged or you may end up getting painful muscle cramps then you are far from the reality. The truth is that walking would provide strength to your body, if would make your bones even stronger and would eventually reduce muscle cramps, that is the reason why people walk as warm up before practicing any other exercises.

Supports joints:

brisk walking benefits

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As you know that there is no blood supply in joint cartilage, walking provides oxygen to the joint which helps less pain in joints and not walking would lead to joint pain and many more bone related issues.

Provides energy:

brisk walking benefits

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Brisk walking activates blood circulation which helps to boost instant energy; this would also make your mind more alert. It is said to be the easiest way to restore as well as boost energy.

Provides vitamin D:

brisk walking benefits

Source : cdn1.medicalnewstoday.com

Usually this essential vitamin is provided by foods but sun rays are a good source of vitamin D as well so if you would walk at morning for at least 30 to 45 minutes then you can get the benefit of vitamin D as well.

Improves mood:

brisk walking benefits

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Almost every exercise lifts mood instantly and brisk walking is the easiest one among the all. It would make you stress free and would eventually push your tension a bit away. It would make you feel good and would also make you love yourself a little more.

Supports good sleep:

brisk walking benefits

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It is true that if you would walk daily then you would get better sleep as compared to that person who doesn’t walk at all. Walking actually works as a good workout it tires body resulting in good sleep.

Boosts immunity system:

brisk walking benefits

Source : articlesplanet.info

It is believed that brisk walking can boost your immunity system that is the reason why people who walk are less likely to get sick as compare to those who don’t walk.

Improves breathing:

brisk walking benefits

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In today’s life getting fresh air is a must and walking early morning would get you some fresh air so in order to get fresh air as well as plenty oxygen you should walk regularly.

Controls blood sugar as well as blood pressure:

brisk walking benefits

Source : article.images.consumerreports.org

Walking daily would help better circulation of blood hence it helps to control high blood pressure as well as diabetes and if you don’t have these diseases then brisk walking would make sure that you won’t get affected by any of such disease.

Walking 30 minutes would definitely get you a bit away from almost every health related disorder so why not walk daily and stay healthy.