12 Quick Hacks To Lose Weight: Leading A Healthy Life

weight loss

In today’s life more than 60% of people are suffering from obesity and are trying their best to lose weight. Our busy life style doesn’t actually allow us to eat a lot healthy food but we always end up eating easily available junk food. Losing some pounds from body to achieve a desired body shape is a dream for everyone but the process is of course not so easy but with some quick life hacks you can lose weight faster and also can prevent fat from ruining your body figure. These hacks are something that you can do regularly without much hassle.

Proper diet:

weight loss

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Well the guiltiest thing for all those extra pounds is your diet which results into sickness as well. Therefore, it is very important to track what you are eating and the easiest way is to make a proper diet plan and follow it. Your diet should contain lots of vitamins, good fat, protein, antioxidants etc which helps to detoxify body and also provides with all the needed energy. Nuts, fruits, vegetables would work better if you are trying to lose weight.

Don’t eat till full:

weight loss

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Eating over loaded is never a good idea so it is better to eat less but more frequently. You should always divide your food according to time in small quantities. Add lots of sprouts and nuts to your snack box and munch them whenever you feel like having something and trust me these things are healthy as well.

Balance out food:

weight loss

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It is really important to have a balanced food diet, do not add on a lot of protein in one single day, i.e. if you are having chicken then you should skip on your sprouts or any other food item which contains high amount of protein.

Lemon every morning:

weight loss

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This is the most effective way to cut all those extra fats from your body, just squeeze some lemon drops in warm water along with a spoon full of honey and let the drink show you its magic. It is healthy as well and also proves to be effective in curing many health related issues.

Go for berries:

weight loss

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If you always crave for something sweet every time than berries are something that can satisfy your sweet craving without really affecting your health and it does not add much calories rather helps to cut extra fats.

Drink lots of water:

weight loss

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Drinking lots of water is the key for almost every health problem and it is the best way to lose weight as well. water helps in detoxification and it also makes our stomach full which results in less hunger and save us from all those random munching.

30 minute more sleep won’t do much damage:

weight loss

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It is always a good idea to get yourself as well as your body rest that it requires as it helps in good digestion and also give us relieve from stress which leads to managed as well as balanced weight.


weight loss

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Exercise help a lot it losing weight and get shape as it works on the affected area where you always end up having extra unwanted fat. Work out also keeps you active and allows you to have a good night’s sleep as well.

Have good sex life:

weight loss

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It might sound weird but it would actually help you in losing fat as it stimulates hormones and surprisingly women tends to lose up to 3.6 fat per minute while having sex.

Eliminate elevators or lifts with stairs:

weight loss

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Always go for stairs in case you have to go to the upper floor of any building as it works as a work out and would help you to lose some weight without even trying too much and honestly it won’t take up too much time as well.

Be a slow and steady every time you eat:

weight loss

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If you eat way too faster than you might end up a lot of food even without realizing that you are full but eating slowly would help you consume less food and it also helps it better digestion.

Add spice to your food:

weight loss

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Well spicy food is almost loved by everyone and it helps in burning fat as well. chili as well as jalapeno contains capsaicin which boosts metabolism and burns fat and you cannot eat too much spicy so it would lessen your food quantity as well.

These are few easy tricks that will help you lose weight without you trying a lot and it will also help you In maintaining good health.