15 Natural Herbs To Control Your Blood Sugar Level

blood sugar

Blood sugar is the most common disease that every next people suffer from and it is almost unavoidable in today’s life. Diabetes mainly takes place if the glucose in our blood increases and our body fails to produce enough insulin to defuse that excess glucose from our blood. There are many reasons for having high blood sugar level; some of them are as follow:

Stress and tension:

blood sugar

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This is one of the major reasons for having high blood sugar. It is always suggested by the physician that one should never take too much of tension as it may invite many health related disorders and diabetes is one of them. It is true that no one can live without tension but that should be in limit because anything out of limit might be deadly.


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This disease is genetic that means if your mother suffers from this disease then there are chances that you would too suffer from the same and there are no such ways to avoid or prevent this disease all you can do is to control this high blood sugar level.

Unhealthy food habit:

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Food items which contains high rate of sugar such as cake, pastry, or any other sweet dishes may lead to this deadly disease if consumed too much without any limits. Foods that contain bad fats also tend to raise sugar level in our body.

Here are some of the amazing herbs that are proved to control sugar diabetes:


blood sugar

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This bitter leaves are most amazing herbs if we talk about blood sugar level. It has anti bacterial properties as well as anti-inflammatory properties which look after normal production of insulin which automatically controls high blood sugar level in blood.

Gymnema Sylvestre:

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This wonderful ingredient helps in utilization of glucose in different cells which automatically lowers the percentage of glucose in blood and it even stops liver from releasing excessive glucose as well.


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This flavorful stick can do wonders to you health and it is proved to be very useful in aiding blood sugar level in body. It helps in weight loss and also helps in reducing glucose level in blood which again normalizes diabetes.


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This multi beneficial herb has many health benefits to it and is very good for heart, liver as well as high blood sugar. This magical ingredient contains antioxidant properties which help in reducing obesity which leads to controlled blood sugar level in body.


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This herb is full of aroma and even used for adding flavors in food and can also be used as aroma therapy. It controls blood sugar level by helping you in losing weigh as diabetes sometimes takes place in people suffering from obesity.


blood sugar

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Oregano is popularly used in Italian as well as Spanish dishes and this herb adds wonderful flavors in your food. Researches say that it is one of the most effective herbs in lowering down the blood sugar level. You can have it o top of your pizza, fries and even in your soup.


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It is one of the most effective herbs if you are trying to control your high blood sugar level. It is even warned by many doctors that simultaneous use of this herb with diabetes medicines might lower down the sugar level than what normally it should be.

Curry leaves:

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It is another popular ingredient that you will often find in Indian dishes, these rich flavorful leaves are used for adding flavor in curry, vegetables, dips and many more. This aids high blood sugar level by stabilizing glucose level in blood.


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Garlic is a miraculous herb which helps to control blood sugar as well as high blood pressure. It even increases the normal insulin production in human body which is very important for preventing as well as controlling high blood sugar. This can be combined with your regular food and it will add a wonderful flavor in your food.


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Along with the ability of aiding digestion, it also helps in balancing blood sugar level. It also controls cholesterol and diabetes as well by providing better digestion of food. You can have ginger with tea, with lemonade, or you can even add ginger in your meal preparations.


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Turmeric is a well known dish which is used in almost every dish in India. It has many health benefits and controlling blood sugar level is one of them. It also has anti bacterial properties in it which makes it wonderful for skin as well. It also have anti-inflammatory properties which makes it helpful in controlling blood sugar level. You can have it with milk, in your curry, soup, fries etc.


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Cayenne helps in stimulating glucose from getting absorbed in blood which decreases the tendency of getting high blood sugar level. You can have cayenne in your salads or in soup or in vegetable mix.


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This not very famous herb but works as miracle in controlling blood sugar level in blood. it is usually used as a great substitute of oregano for adding flavors to dishes.


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This magical ingredient is used as a spice and it is proved the fenugreek seeds as well as leaves helps in balancing blood sugar level in body by slowing down the digestion process which prevents high blood sugar in body. You can have this seed in your food as a spice or you can even have soaked fenugreek seed directly.


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It is proved by researchers that ginseng helps in increasing insulin level in body which reduces high blood sugar level in body. Ginseng is also called ashwagandha in India and it is one of the oldest herbs which has many beneficial properties in it.

So these are few of the herbs which can help you lead a diabetes free life if consumed alternately.