3 Months Pregnant | Symptoms That You Need To Look After

Pregnancy is definitely one of the most wonderful feelings that a woman would ever have in life. Pregnancy comes with lots of changes, precautions, complications, and lots of extra care. The responsibility of a woman as well as her entire family increases with just the single good news of being pregnant. 3 months pregnancy is a very vital period as it is the time when the body starts undergoing changes so it is really very important to be aware of the pregnancy.

Sometimes the good news seems to be clearly visible only if you go through monthly checkups for some pregnancy symptoms to look for. But if you don’t then you may not be able to recognize soon whether you are pregnant or not. 

If you wonder about how to detect whether you are pregnant or not then here are some 3 months pregnancy symptoms that you should be careful about:

3 Months Pregnant Symptoms

Morning Sickness:

3 months pregnancy symptoms/morning sickness

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Feeling like vomiting without any such digestion problem is the most common symptom of pregnancy and it basically takes place from the 3rd month of pregnancy. This symptom does not last for too long a period of time and usually lasts till the start of the first trimester.

Medicines work well during this time but do not take medicines without consulting a doctor otherwise you may even suffer from side effects. You may even start feeling sick if a small change of position takes place and this condition mainly happens when you go to a certain height.


3 months pregnancy symptoms/fatigue

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Dental Health Care During Pregnancy is also important. While you are pregnant many hormonal changes take place in your body which are responsible for making you feel tired and lazy during this time of pregnancy. Basically, it is just the starting of this symptom and this feeling of fatigue would last till the delivery of the baby.

This is the reason women want or seek more rest during the entire time of pregnancy. There is nothing to be worried about this symptom as you just need to do a little workout to get rid of this situation.

Loss of Bladder Control:

3 months pregnancy symptoms/loss of bladder control

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This is quite an embarrassing symptom during the time of 3rd month of pregnancy. This happens because during this time the body produces some pregnancy hormones and mainly there is a hormone known as hCG which is responsible for this situation. This hormone actually forces the blood volume to create pressure on the bladder. That is why women face the urgency of urination. They even get frequent urination which is way too much than the normal frequency.


3 months pregnancy symptoms/constipation

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This is an irritating as well as a quite uncomfortable symptom that takes place during the time of pregnancy. Though, this does not last for a long time. It often gets eased up if you would start having good food. This situation takes place because the progesterone level in the blood increases. That actually slows down the digestion of food. Resulting in constipation or irregular bowel movements. Having lots of water and fibrous food during this time proves good for the soon-to-be mothers.

Leg Cramps, Back As Well As Abdominal Pain:

3 months pregnancy symptoms/leg cramps

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These pains, as well as cramps, are common during the period. They mainly occur during the nighttime. These complications take place as the ligaments stretch out due to changes in hormones. To get rid of this situation you need to have healthy foods that are rich in iron as well as potassium. You can also try some light workouts which would help you in easing out the pain as well as cramps.

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Mood Swings:

3 months pregnancy symptoms/mood swings

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Mood swings also happen due to hormonal changes and this thing cannot even be predicted. At times you may feel happy and just in another situation, you may end up being sad or angry unnecessarily. This is quite dangerous if the situation is not handled well. It can even drive you to depression as well as anxiety. The best way to deal with this situation is to do things that make you extremely happy. A good talk with a close person would help you a lot.

Food Cravings:

3 months pregnancy symptoms/food cravings

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Well, it is fact that if you are 3 months pregnant then your baby has already started to develop itself, and now it is the time that you would be eating for both of you so the amount of food intake increases and you would crave a certain food. Mainly the craving for food items that women choose is often weird. During this time the soon-to-be mother also starts disliking certain food. Even the smell of that particular food item bothers them a lot. Mainly women start like sour, sweet, and spicy foods during this time of pregnancy.

These were a few 3 months pregnant symptoms from Healthclubfinder that you should check and if matched then you need to get your checkups done so that your baby could be healthy.  

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