4 Most Effective And Amazing Tricks To Avoid Razor Bumps On Skin

razor bumps

Razor bumps are those irritations which appear due to shaving, it causes inflammation and burning sensation on the skin and may also cause pain out there. They moreover look just like an ingrown hair but slightly appear red in color. Well this situation takes place due to excessive shaving but we are helpless as well because shaving is the only handy option for getting rid of those unwanted hairs without facing a pain on the skin. So our only option is to bear the problem or find some solution about it and bearing the problem is never a good idea. Fortunately you can easily get this skin problem solved by just following a healthy shaving regime each time you use a razor. Here are few skin care tips and trick to deal with all those harsh razor bumps like a pro:

Stop shaving for a while:

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These razor irritations mostly take place on legs or arms where the skin is slightly harder and once you notice such bumps immediate stop shaving at that particular place rather give it time to heal as most of such bumps go away and get healed by their own with passing time. Once such skin conditions appear on your skin you should minimize the use of razor or should only get shaved once or twice in a week in order to keep your skin healthy. The more you would shave the more your skin would become hard so you should always maintain a time gap between each shaving session.


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As you now know that these skin problems mainly appear when our skin becomes hard, this is generally caused by dryness on the skin. So the best way to prevent such bumps is to give your skin all the needed hydration. All you need to do is just pad dry your skin right after shaving and apply a generous amount of moisturizer at the place, this will not only make your skin hydrated but would also make it appear healthy and soft. It will also soothe the skin from the irritation or pain of the razor burn, go for a moisturizer which is alcohol free in order to avoid all the skin irritation as well as burning sensation, you can also go for a natural aloe vera gel for moisturizing your skin.

Cold compress:

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Cold compress would instantly give you relief from the redness as well as irritation that take place due to razor burns. All you need do is just wet a piece of cloth with cold water and apply on the freshly shaved area of the skin. You can even rub an ice cube covered in a cloth or some frozen tea bags would also do wonders in this case.

Exfoliate your skin:

razor bumps

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Ingrown hairs can also be a major reason for these razor burns, ingrown hairs are those hairs which are unable to grow outwards rather they grow inwards forming a black bump on the skin which happens due to the hardness of the skin. so it is really important to exfoliate your skin before shaving as exfoliating would ensure that there is no dead skins remain on the body and would also help you in preventing ingrown hair automatically would minimize the tendency of razor bumps on the skin.

These were few tips and tricks that you need to follow from your next shaving session in order to avoid all the irritation as well as pain.