5 Best Proven Ways To Get Rid Of Bloating

get rid of bloating

Bloating is a common problem that everyone suffers nowadays and it might take place in any age. Bloating literally means swollen belly and this mainly happens due to gas production in the stomach. Gas production can happen due to bad food habits or because of any serious disease. Indigestion, smoking, menstrual period etc can also cause bloating in the stomach. It is no doubt a very disturbing and sometimes it may also make it difficult for you to breathe, you would feel out f oxygen in this situation. If you wonder that how to get rid of bloating then here are few ways you can decrease bloating and prevent it from coming back as well:

Do not ever over eat:

get rid of bloating

Source : healthywomen.org

Eating too much would make you over full which would make your stomach bloated. If you feel that your regular meal is making you uncomfortable and you are hardly able to move after having your meals then it is time to have little changes in your meals. The most effective way to stop over eating is to eat in small portion and little at a time rather you should eat a little too often but in small portion. In this way you won’t feel hungry at all and your body would be able to absorb the nutritional value of the small portions of food that you are having. In this way you would not only able to reduce bloating but your calorie intake would also be checked and you won’t be gaining too much of weight.

Avoid food you cannot tolerate:

get rid of bloating

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Food allergies are common and it is said that each person in the world have allergy from at least one food item or sometimes it is even more. Your digestive system cannot digest those food items you have allergy from and if you would have such food then indigestion is a must which would form gas in your stomach resulting in bloating. Just like this having food you cannot literate can also result in bloating. Food intolerance is used for those food which our digestive system cannot break down so if forms gas. There are many people who are lactose intolerance and gluten intolerance as well as allergy is also common in many people. Getting allergy tests would help you a lot in choosing right food items for you.

Avoid swallowing gases:

get rid of bloating

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It might sound a little weird but it is a fact that we often end up consuming gas. There are mainly two ways of getting gas into the stomach, it can either be formed by bacteria or we swallow the gas. If you are wondering that how we swallow air then the main cause here is the consumption of frizzy drinks such as beer, cola etc. These drinks contain carbon bubble which forms gas once it reaches out to our stomach. Having drinks with the help of straws also make you swallow a lot of air while drinking and talking while eating is also a major reason behind air consumption which should be avoided if you wish to avoid bloating feeling.

Avoid sugar alcohol:

get rid of bloating

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Sugar alcohols are those artificial sweeteners which are added to sugar free products so that health conscious as well as diabetic patients can consume the food without actually compromising the taste of the food. These sweeteners are sometimes hard to digest and often the bacteria that are present in the large intestine digest them which again results gas formation leading bloated stomach.

Detoxify your body:

get rid of bloating

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If you are searching for an instant solution then this remedy is just for you. Detoxification of the body means draining all the toxics in the body which includes gas. Green tea is a great option of a body detoxification drink other than this you can also have lemon ginger hot water. To prepare this you have to boil some water and while boiling the water add few ginger pieces or crushed ginger. Strain the water in a glass and them squeeze half lemon into the glass and then add some honey to enjoy the delicious drink. This drink is so effective that it would literally show result in an hour or so, you just have to drink this at morning in empty stomach.

These were few of the ways you can get rid of bloated stomach easily and these tips are effective as well.