What Is A 5-day Workout Split? Know It To Workout At Home Amid Lockdown

5 day workout split

Are you a fitness freak and want to develop a muscular body at home? Then, you have reached the right place as today we are going to give you some information for a weekly workout plan for home amid this COVID 19 lockdown. You can practice and follow your exercise routine from home and for this, you have to just follow the schedule we will show you today. Follow the schedule properly and you will get a muscular body within no time.

What is a 5-day Workout Split?

As the name suggests, a 5-day split is a workout routine that is carried out 5 times a week. This routine helps to build the muscles well and it makes them strong within no time if the routine is properly followed.

There are different muscles in the body and they require different time limits to develop. For example, biceps and triceps require much less time to develop fully while pectoral muscles require good training time and you have to invest more time for it. If you follow the workout routine 5 days a week and practice effectively then you are likely to build the muscles powerful quickly. 

Anyone can follow this workout routine and can build their body strong. If you are a body-builder or a novice person willing to make his muscles strong, you can go for following the workout sessions rigorously and fulfill your wish of building a strong body. 

5 day workout split

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We can go for following the given routine:

Day 1: Chest

Day 2: Legs

Day 3: Arms

Day 4: Shoulders

Day 5: Back

Each of the five days of the week is reserved for different exercises for different parts of your body. Shoulders and chest exercises should always be separated by some gap as they are interconnected muscle groups and shouldn’t be given too much force. 

We have given a separate day for the Arms workout but it is fine if we remove it and add this exercise to other days. Biceps and triceps don’t take much time to recover so no need to invest a complete day for it. They can be combined with other days so the schedule goes like this now. 

5 day workout split

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Day 1: Chest + Triceps

Day 2: Legs + Biceps

Day 3: Shoulder + Triceps

Day 4: Back + Biceps

Now, if we elaborate each day then for the first day, you have to go for 3 chest presses, 2 chest flyes, and 1 triceps workout. Day 2 is the legs workout, go for the proper sets and keep on repeating them and then go for the biceps exercise. Get the proper weightlifting shoes for this, don’t do it with your regular shoes otherwise, you will run into problems. 

On the third day, go for the heavy presses first, shoulder raises, flyes, and triceps workouts; you can alternate between the raises, flyes, and triceps. 

For the back workout, go for the back exercise first and then go for the biceps workout at the end. 

When to Take a Break Between Days?

You should take a rest between the days. For example, you can add a rest day after the second day so your third day will be a rest day. You will continue your exercise for the fourth day and then two more days of workout and then the seventh day will be again a rest. 

So, you will be getting two rest days. One on the third day when you have completed your Chest and Legs workout and then on the sixth day after completing the complete cycle. 

If you think that only one break day will be enough for you then you can skip the other one and adjust your schedule accordingly. But, make sure that you give enough rest to your body so that you can work out even better. Rest will fill out your energy back and you will exercise more efficiently. Skipping rest days is not good for your health so keep that in mind. 

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Now, the new schedule with breaks can be like:

Day 1: Chest + Triceps

Day 2: Legs + Biceps

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: Shoulder + Triceps

Day 5: Back + Biceps

Day 6: Rest

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Follow the Routine

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Now, after you have checked the schedule that you need to follow, just make your mind firm and start the exercise. Start with day 1, we know that it won’t be easy for you to constantly work out but keep your momentum going and finish your sets properly whatever it takes to finish it up. 

If you leave that in between then you will lose your confidence. Give small goals to yourself and put your best to achieve them. You will gain a lot of confidence if you achieve small-small milestones and this will boost you in your long run. You can take a break after achieving a small milestone, drink water or energy drink, and then back to work.

Pat, you’re back when you finish the first week successfully. Take a break for a day as said earlier and then start the second week with the same energy and enthusiasm. You can shuffle the days if you want and skip any if it is too hard for you but don’t stop the workout.

Should I go to the gym or do it at Home?

5 day workout split

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Well, in the period of this Corona pandemic, you don’t have any option but to work at home. After that, you can opt for a gym or do it at home as well by buying the machines. 

So, here was an overview of a 5-day workout routine. Just start the workout today and develop a strong, heavy, and muscular body! For more information, visit Healthclubfinder.

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