5 Food Additives That Can Be A threat To Children’s Health

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Food additives are those chemicals which are used to preserve food for a longer period of time; these preservatives are loaded with harmful substances that create many health-related disorders. Mostly children suffer a lot of health related issues due to maximum use of preserved foods. Aap policy (American Academy of paediatrics), as well as technical reports, has revealed many ways to deal with disorders caused by food additives.

American Academy of paediatrics has also come up with some super alternatives of these harmful food additives which are of course less harmful than that of a preservative. There are many dangerous disorders that food additives can cause, such as:

child health

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  • Preservatives can cause breathing issues leading to asthmatic attacks which are a major thread of your child.
  • Having too much synthetic food can lead to heart-related issues as it weakens heart tissues.
  • These preservatives are rich in BHA as well as BHT which could cause cancer.

Here some additives that can be a treat to your children’s health:

  • Artificial food sweeteners:

child health

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Aspartame is present in almost every artificial sweetener which is a toxic substance that may lead to short-term memory loss, anxiety and can also take you to depression as well as dizziness. These kinds of preservatives are mainly found in diet food such as sugar-free, protein bar, protein drinks, energy drink and many more.

  • Monosodium Glutamate

child health

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It is basically an amino acid which is used to as flavors for salad dressings, frozen foods, soups and many more; it is widely being used in restaurants to satisfy the taste buds of the eater. Studies reveal that if this preservative is consumed on a regular basis then it may result into fatigue, depression, eye damage, etc.

  • Trans fat:

child health

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It is used to increase the shelf life of food items making them edible for a longer period of time. It is basically used in almost every packaged food such as chips, ice creams, wafers, biscuits, oils and there are a lot more food items on the list. Studies say that Trans fat promotes bad cholesterol resulting in high chances of heart attacks. This also causes inflammation and increases the tendencies of stroke.

  • Sodium Sulfite:

child health

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Having food rich in sodium sulfite may harm people suffering from asthma and it can also lead to headaches as well as breathing problems. This kind of preservative is mostly found in processed drinks such as wine, fruit juice, dried fruits and a lot more. Consuming too much of this chemical may result in cardiac arrest which may lead to death.

  • BHA as well as BHT:

child health

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These chemical preservatives are mostly present used in chips, cereal, vegetable oils, chewing gum etc. This helps food to maintain its original colour and also eliminates discolouration in food. Having too much of this chemical in food may lead to brain damage and it also contains cancer-causing properties.

Some best ways to avoid these food additives are as follow:

child health

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  • Replace preserved food with fresh or frozen food.

child health

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  • Checking ingredient list is a must and try to avoid things which have a high amount of preservatives.

child health

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  • Eating fresh is the only right option to avoid preservatives and the nutrition from that fresh food is an additional bonus.