5 Products To Care For Your Hair Naturally

natural hair care

Worried how to manage your hair health? Unlike old times when people had to do the least to manage the beauty of their hair, today with the increasing pollution and use of hair products the quality of hair has gone from good to worse. The climate changes and diet of the person also plays a major role in maintaining the hair condition.

All this would want to make you run to a dermatologist and start a hair therapy, right? But wait, have you considered redefining your hair care products? This is the first tool you should opt for before jumping to any other conclusions. Let us take a look at the 5 natural hair products and ways to use them to gain back your hair quality and protect them.

Regular Oiling

natural hair care

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Washing your hair dry is what you are doing wrong, because dry hair has no moisture and lacks minerals as the shampoos contain more of chemicals than minerals. Massage with coconut oil, almond oil or any other home-made oil that you prefer to keep feeding your hair with minerals.

Appropriate Shampoo

natural hair care

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Choose the right kind of shampoo depending on your hair type, if your hair needs volume use a volumizing shampoo if it softness use a smoothing shampoo and so on depending on what needs to be changed or restored in the health of your hair.

Use the Same Line Conditioner

natural hair care

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When choosing an appropriate shampoo it is also very important to select the same line of conditioner to add moisture to your hair after the wash. The brands and type of both shampoo and conditioner should be same.

Apply Heat Protectant

natural hair care

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While the best you can do to your hair is to avoid heat styling. But even if some girls insist upon it, I would recommend them to use heat protectant spray on their hair before using curling iron or hair straightener.

This method protects your hair from the direct heat of the machine and leaves no mark after application.

Moisturise your Hair

natural hair care

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Dehydration is one of the major reason why the health of the hair decays with time. Like oil there are hair cream products available that help you retain the hair moisture.