5 Warning Signs To Foresee Primary Stage Of Breast Cancer

primary breast cancer

Breast cancer is common in women and more than 60 percent cancer patient tend to have this type of cancer. In today’s life cancer is of course curable but to cure it completely one need to get treated and in order to receive treatment on time the person would need to indentify primary breast cancer symptoms. Cancer is such kind of health disorder which needs to get treated as soon as possible. Here are some signs of primary stage of breast cancer:

Thick area:

primary breast  cancer

Source : usnews.com

At early stage of breast cancer you might feel like the skin around your breast started thickening up and lumps can be felt as well. This thickening of skin may increase day by day and won’t go away that easily until you would start your treatment.

Unexpected fluid:

primary breast  cancer

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Getting fluid is common and it happens due to several reasons such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, cysts or any infection but if fluids coming out of your breast without such reason than it might be a warning for you.

Skin sores:

primary breast  cancer

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Having sores is common it can happen due to several reasons and breast cancer can be one of those reasons. Breast cancer sometime leads to such situations when our skin starts breaking out as a skin sore or an infection as well. These breakouts generally release fluids which do not cure easily so if you ever notice such sore which is taking forever for getting healed then it might be because of breast cancer and getting treatment is the best idea at this situation.

New size or shape of breasts:

primary breast  cancer

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One breast is slightly different from that of the other in term of size or shape and this change of shape can also take place due to breast feeding as well as production of milk changes shape a little bit but if your breast changes it shape and size, gets flattened, or swells without any such reasons then it might be because of breast cancer and you should never ever take this sign lightly rather you should immediately rush to a good oncologist.

Hard lumps:

primary breast  cancer

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It is one of the most common warnings of the breast cancer, in this case you would be able to feel hard lump appearing deep in breast. This lump would feel like a seed and is often too hard as well as unmovable. This hard lump can occur there in any shape or size and it might be difficult for you feel it. Most lumps are common and they come and go depending upon the menstrual cycle but if your lump stays u for long then it is time for you get yourself treated so that it can be easily cured even if it turned into a breast cancer.

Anything can be cured by treatment it’s just that you have to identify the symptoms as soon as possible and the treatment as early as possible.