6 Best Food For Eyes: Edibles That Improve Your Eyesight

Eyes are the treasure of our beauty and they are also the most useful thing that a living being have. Just imagine how pathetic it would be if someone would blind fold you for a day. It’s impossible for you to do things right? Even blur eyesight is such a painful situation for us so maintaining good eye health is a must for us but in today’s life we are forced to do things that are really harmful for our eyes and makes our eyesight blur or can even lead you to blindness. Here are some reasons that cause problem in eyesight:

Watching too much TV:

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Watching too much television or spending time in front of computer or laptop can weaken eyesight as the bright screen of the devices effects the eye vision leads to blur eyesight. Mostly children or people working in any corporate sector suffer the most from this problem and this is the major reason why they wear glasses all the time. To avoid this kind of eye damage you should always use computer, mobile or watch TV from a reasonable distance and you can even wear glasses while working or watching TV.

Reading too small alphabets:

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Most of the students get their eye damaged due to this reason. It is often seen that the words written in books are way too small and most of the people find it difficult to read and while trying to read they put pressure on their eyes which causes eye damage that leads to blur vision. To avoid this one should always wear glasses while reading of get words written in bigger sizes.

Improper diet:

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We often lack in vitamins and minerals in our as we always end up eating junk food from outside that is not at all healthy for our health. This lack of nutrition can cause problem in your eyesight and other problems as well. It is very important to look after proper diet which contains lots of healthy fruits and vegetables. Here are some best foods for better eyesight:


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It is nothing to be surprised, this magical life saving liquid is most essential next to oxygen for being alive and it is equally important for our eye health as drinking lots of water can reduce dehydration which is a major cause of damaged eye or can even affect eye vision. One should at least drink 4-5 liters of water every day depending upon the age as well as season.


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Fishes are rich sources of omega 3 which is a magical ingredient for eye health it aids many eye problems and promote better eyesight. You should always go for fishes that have high amount fat in them as the more fatty fish the more source of omega-3 fatty-acid. Some best fish options include tuna, trout, sardines, salmon etc. Now you know that how beneficial is a plate full of fish in your lunch or may be in dinner.

Nuts and seeds:

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Nuts and seeds are also rich in omega-3 fatty-acid and it also have high amount of vitamin E which is amazing for eyes and also reduces eye damages that happens with age. You can replace your evening snacks with a palm full of almond, walnut, Brazilian nut, sun flower seeds, pumpkin seeds etc.

Citrus fruits:

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Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C which an antioxidant that helps us to fight from age related eye damage and also promotes better eyesight. Lemons, oranges, sweet limes, grapefruits etc are some rich source of vitamin C.

Leafy vegetables:

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Just like fruits leafy vegetable are also rich in vitamin C and in addition they contain zeaxanthin as well as lutein which proves to be your eyes best friend and protects your eyes from many damages. So having a bowl of spinach or kale is going to be amazing for your eyes.


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Carrots are full of vitamin A as well as beta carotene which are amazing for our eye and aids weak vision. It helps retina in absorbing light. Carrots are said to be the best food for eyes so you can have carrots as salad, carrot cake and you can also experiment many new dishes with carrots.

These are some of the best foods for eyes so having them in your diet would help you hold better eyesight for a long period of time.

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