6 Effective Ways To Popping Your Ears For Releasing The Pressure

popping your ears

Have we ever closely examined the health of our ears? Very often we give a deep thought about it. Apart from severe ear problems, there are instances where the air pressure builds too much in our ears. Situations like traveling in a flight going to hilly heightened areas develop the pressure that builds too much of the pain.

Here you might want to get rid of the pain immediately. The best and effective measure to treat the air pressure is by way of popping your ears. It releases all the air present and relieves you from the pain. Some effective and fast ways to pop your ears are listed below:


popping your ears

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The process of chewing creates jaw movement which generates pressure on the middle ear. Thus making some space for the air to pass through the ear canal. Ultimately reducing the pressure inside your ear and releasing the pain.


popping your ears

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A contagious activity but an effective way to release the pressure present in the system of your ears. The movement of jaws and air release opens the Eustachian tubes thus allowing the air to come out from the middle ear.


popping your ears

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As weird as it sounds this is one of the ways to activate the muscles that open the Eustachian Tubes. Drinking water along with can help you swallow better.

Valsalva Maneuver

popping your ears

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If nothing seems to work, pinch your nose with closed mouth and take a deep breath then gently release the air from your nose. This act will release the air pressure present in the ears, thus relieving you from the pain.

Nasal Spray

popping your ears

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The connection of ear and nose through Eustachian tube give way to treating the ear problems by way of the nose. The right amount of spray in the nose and you are free from the pain.

Steam Remedy

popping your ears

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A towel soaked in warm water can help to sooth the pain building up in the ear and also reduce the pressure. Warm water activates the blood flow making it easy for air to be released.

While these remedies are always effective it is advised to take precautionary measures by using ear drops before traveling to heights and if the problem persists one should immediately contact one ear specialist.