6 Least Time Consuming And Effective Skin Care Routine

skin care tips

Having good skin is everyone’s dream but in today’s busy life we always fail to take care of our skin as we always lack in time which results in bad skin quality. More than 80 percent of the population is suffering from bad skin texture and many skin related issues. Bad skin always brings low self confidence as we end up thinking that we are ugly. Our skin seeks some care for being healthy and beautiful but being busy with work pressure we always forget about our skin and skin the skin care routine.

Eating healthy is the ultimate way of showing some love to your skin as well as to your overall health. Good skin through healthy diet is time taking and none of us that much of patience. Apart from healthy diet, here are some amazing least time consuming and effective tips and tricks which can completely change your skin care game and these are affordable as well which makes it not less than a bonus to us.


skin care tips

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CTM is nothing difficult but it is the cleansing, toning and moisturizing regime that can be done in less than ten minutes. Cleansing is the most important part of the skin care routine as it takes out all the dirt from our skin resulting in clear skin. After toning our pores open-up which might attract dust and dirt resulting in break outs, toning soothes our skin and also lessens the open pores.

Moisturizing our skin is very essential, one should moisturize irrespective of their skin type as our skin tends to lose natural oil after cleansing and toning. If you have oily skin then you can go for oil free moisturizers but skipping moisturizer is never a good idea.


skin care tips

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Gentle scrubbing takes out the remaining dirt that cleanser often could not pull out from our skin. It also takes out blackheads as well as white head from our face. You don’t need to scrub on a regular basis; even scrubbing twice a week would work well.

Face mask:

skin care tips

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Just like our health our skin also needs some nutrients pack and face pack is the way to provide some nutrition to our skin. You can simply DIY (do it yourself) your face pack according to your skin type. The most ideal face pack is the mixture of chickpea flour, honey, yoghurt and turmeric; you can of course skin or add ingredients according to your preference.

This face pack would not only soothe your skin but it would also remove sun tan from your skin. Turmeric is an antiseptic ingredient which would help in eliminating all the germs and bacteria from our skin.

Face massage:

skin care tips

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Massaging your face with a good face massage cream or Aloe Vera gel would help in blood circulation and would result in a healthy as well as glowing skin.

Sun protection:

skin care tips

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Most of the damage in our skin is caused by harmful UV rays which results in dark spots, pigmentation and many more so, applying a good sunscreen with high SPF as well as PA+++ is very important. It will prevent our skin from all the damages as well as from sunburn.

Facial oil or face serum:  

skin care tips

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Facial oils or serum has many skin benefits; it pampers the skin like nothing else. There are many facial oils in the market such as lavender oil, tea tree oil, neem oil and many more. Different facial oil has different benefits to it; it helps to remove dark spot, pigmentation, dark circle etc and also promotes healthy skin.

All these tips and tricks are super easy and less time consuming. By adding these simple steps in your skin care regime, you can pamper your skin like never before.