7 Common Kitchen Appliances That Are Harming Your Health

kitchen appliances

We might not be aware but our kitchen isn’t exactly a sterile environment as much as we like to think it is. The appliances we have could be affecting our health without us even knowing. Here are the 7 common appliances in our kitchen that could be harming our health and create health problems.

  • Fridge

kitchen appliances

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Many studies have uncovered that an ill-maintained fridge can be a breeding ground for numerous bacteria like E. coli and salmonella. These bacteria can be spread to the food that we store inside the fridge. These bacteria can lead to food poisoning, upset stomach, and even hospitalization in worst case scenarios. These bacteria thrive on spilled food that is not cleaned immediately. Refrigerators also emit high-intensity electromagnetic radiation near its motors. A good practice to minimize the radiation level is to keep the back of the fridge clean and well-maintained.

  • Microwave

kitchen appliances

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There have been a lot of studies regarding the dangers microwaves post to our overall health. Microwaves emit high-frequency electromagnetic waves to excite food molecules causing them to vibrate and heat up, thus cooking the food. But these EM waves have been found to cause harm to our healthy body cells with direct exposure. Over the years, stringent regulations have been imposed to contain these waves within the appliance and prevent it from escaping but an ill-maintained or poorly manufactured microwave might not have undergone the necessary tests to ensure that it is leak proof. That’s why most people prefer to heat their food using gas stoves.

  • Stove And Oven

kitchen appliances

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No kitchen is complete without a gas stove and oven. These are simply the best way to cook a delicious meal over any other methods of cooking. But they can also be unknowingly harming your health and those you live with. An ill-maintained stove or oven could be leaking dangerous methane into the house. Methane gas is usually non-toxic to humans but they displace oxygen in the air, depriving our body of the right amount of oxygen to function. Many homes prefer outdoor kitchen from Orlando to Seattle because the danger of gas leak is minimized. Gas stoves and ovens also produce other compounds like carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and formaldehyde. These gases could cause inflammation to the lungs making breathing difficult. Other respiratory diseases associated with these gases are chronic cough, bronchitis, and respiratory infection.

  • Dishwashers

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You might think that dishwashers are clean because that’s what they do but dishwashers can be a breeding ground for bacteria when it is not cleaned regularly. The high temperature, salinity, and the food particles in a dishwasher is the perfect environment for specific bacteria to grow. These heat-resistant and detergent-resistant bacteria are even more resilient to regular cleaning making them extremely dangerous to our health.

  • Washing machines

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Most of us situate our washers and dryers near the kitchen for easy access. Like the fridge and microwave, these machines also emit low levels of electromagnetic radiation in their motors. Exposure to this EMR can greatly affect the health of anyone that’s constantly exposed to these appliances. EMR has been known to decrease our immunity to bacterial and viral infection and could even affect our mental health making us prone to stress and anxiety.

  • Induction Stoves

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For homes with this appliance in their kitchen, they may not know the harm associated with an induction stove. These stoves use electromagnetic energy to produce heat. Like the section about the microwave, these EMR are extremely harmful to our health with constant exposure. These high-frequency electromagnetic radiations could disrupt normal cell function and damage our organs. A low-end induction stove is most especially hazardous because very little tests or safety precautions have been done on the product to protect the users from these harmful rays.

  • Food Processors/ Blenders

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Just like refrigerators and dishwashers, food processors and blenders could also host a multitude of bacteria if not maintained well. These could infect the food you put into it. The appliance has many nooks and crannies that are hard to reach with a sponge so removing food particle could be difficult. These could lead to bacteria growth. It’s important that the blades, bowl, and covers should be cleaned thoroughly after every use and even disinfected with a cleaning solution before being stored away.

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