7 Finest Diet Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Body

Think about a day, when you find yourself not even capable of moving a single part of your body not through the weakness but with obesity. Hilarious right! But it can be true if there is a lack of proper diet on your daily routine. However, you can serve yourself with some best-in-class tips for maintaining body weight


Check the below-mentioned tips for maintaining the healthy body and losing unwanted weight.

Drink Water As Much As You Can


70% Part of Human body is Water. Waters helps you to lose weight. Start drinking the water as soon you get up that will Flush out toxins and that will help in getting the glowing skin through the Day. Try to drink at least 3-4 liter water a day.

Fill Empty Stomach With Healthy Breakfast


Best time to take breakfast is in 45 min after leaving the bed.The best diet tips try to take more Protein than fat. Check the ratio of a healthy body i.e; 60 % protein, 30% Carb, 10% Fat

Start Your Morning With Exercise


All know morning time is a hectic time for everyone. for the Healthy body and weight loss, spent at least 20-30 min for the exercise.Check the below Steps chart with Age for a healthy body. (Girl and Boy)

Age -6-17 = Daily 12000-15000 Steps

Age -18-40 = Daily 12000 Steps

Age -40-50 = Daily 11000 Steps

Age -50-60 = Daily 10000

Age -60+ = Daily 8000 Steps

 Split Your Nutrient Group Throughout The Day


For a Healthy Body include all the food group in your diet. Rather than taking the 3 Meal a day spite your Meal as per your requirement. try to consume food in every 2-3 hours. as per you sleep. you can plan 5-6 Meal a Day as per your Sleep time. Best diet tip: Include more Complex carb foods like Veggies, beans, meat that come from Nature. try to avoid Simple carbs foods like Bread, Pasta, Rice.

Tip For The Healthy Body And Weight Loss


Chew your food well until it becomes soft and almost liquid. This will help enormously with your digestion, and you will eat as your body needs.

Fill Up Your Body With Fiber


Before going to Bed fill your body with fiber so that your muscles recover from your daily activities.

Best Diet Tip


Low-fat milk + dry fruits

There are many ways to lose weight as well as a healthy body but if you plan your day with above-mentioned diet tips, you will get a confirmed success.