7 Great Tips to Caring Family Healthy Teeth

Having a Healthy smiling family is all we need. In order to maintain their beautiful smiles, you need to make an extra effort to maintain healthy teeth by taking good care of Oral Health. Following a regular oral care routine can prevent your family from dental problems

These 7 Healthy Teeth Tips can help you to maintain your oral health:

1. Let’s Start with Toothbrush


For Hygienic and Healthy teeth, you need to have a Clean Toothbrush. Make sure Toothbrushes are stored in dry environment. Replace your toothbrush in every three to four months. And for kids use a Soft bristle toothbrush.

2. Use Fluoride But in Right Quantity

Fluoride helps to strengthen tooth enamel. But using it too much can cause white spots on teeth. And for kids it should not more than a pea size. You can also opt for fluoride mouthwash, plus mouthwash comes in different flavors.

3. Avoid Acidic & Sugary Foods


Limit acidic food intake because it can rip off your enamel exposing the inner surface making it prone to germs. Try to replace Sugary foods and drinks with fruit, milk.

4. Use Teeth only for Chewing Food

Why we are saying this?? Because kids and even some adults use their teeth to open bottle caps, split walnuts, nail-biting, chewing pens or toys. Doing so can cause chip or even break your teeth.

5. Stay Hydrated
Water helps by washing away acids and sugar from teeth. Make a habit gargling after eating, it will remove food pieces left in mouth. Plus it will help you stay hydrated.
6. Brush Twice a Day
I know you have heard this before and now it’s time to make it a habit. The Best time to brush your teeth is after eating meals or before going to sleep. Brushing before bed prevents cavities.


Follow these dental care tips, To Keep your teeth and gums healthy. Maintaining oral health is important as it affects your overall health. As i said earlier, Healthy Smiling family is all we need.