7 Hair Care Mistakes To Avoid For Healthy Hair

hair care tips

Every person desires to get healthy and lustrous hair but sometimes we damage our hair unknowingly through our daily hair care routine itself. It happens because of small ignorance and carelessness which leads to imperfect hair care regime resulting into dry and damaged hairs. Committing such mistakes can also lead to excessive hair fall which may also lead to baldness and uneven hair growth as well. These mistakes are often very small that most of us avoid thing that it be harmful but it harms as well as damages the hairs on a long which are often really hard to get rectified. Here some healthy hair tips that can result in shinny long hairs and the mistakes that you should never do if you want to maintain healthy hair:

Choose your comb wisely:

hair care tips

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It is really important to go for a right kind of comb preferably using a wide toothed comb to detangle hairs would result in to less hair fall as compared to that of a normal toothed comb. You should never comb your hair while they are wet as wet hair tends to break more often than dry hairs also combing your hairs too often with a certain speed may also leads to dry as well as breakable hairs.

Hot water:

hair care tips

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Cold water is good for hairs and sometime you can also use Luke warm water to get rid of hair packs and for thorough hair wash as well but using too hot water for your hairs can result dangerous for your hair health as it washes of all the moisture from the hair and leave them dead and dry. It also damages the gland that produces oil and fades the hair color as well. Cold water stimulates blood circulation which results into healthy growth of hair.

Towel drying method:

hair care tips

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Rubbing your hairs with towel may cause hair breakage and also dries out the natural oil of hairs. This intense rubbing of hairs with harsh towel also makes hair frizz and unmanageable which results in dry and damaged hairs. Instead use t-shirts or light cotton clothes to pat dry hair and never ever rub your hairs against anything.

Using hair tools incorrectly:

hair care tips

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Hair tools such as hair dryer, flat hair iron, hair curler etc needs special attention and care while being used as a slight mistake might end-up as burnt or damaged hairs. You should always follow the step-by-step guide on how to use a hair drier as well as other hair styling tools. You should never use any styling tool on wet hair hence should always pat dry hair in order to soak-up extra water then set the temperature of the tool, make sure that you don’t raise the temperature too much as it might burn your hair and using any tool on hair strand for a long time may even damage your hair and also do permanent damage to your hairs.

Hair cleansing regime:

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Cleansing your hair regularly might make your scalp super dry which results into hair fall and rough as well as dry hairs. You should also avoid using chemical shampoos as it may damage your hair on a long run instead always go for a herbal or any mild shampoo. Washing your hair thrice a week is more than enough for healthy and clean hair.

Skipping hair-cuts:

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If you thing that by skipping your hair- cut you can achieve long hair than you are probably wrong because if you won’t cut your hair for long then it might result into split ends and rough hair as well which would cause you hair breakage so ultimately your hair won’t grow a inch so it is always better to get your hair trimmed in every 3-4 months. This would ensure your hair growth and also would result into less damaged hair ends.

Skipping hair protection:

hair care tips

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Protecting your hair is a must, our hair needs protection from sun rays, pollution and hair styling tools as well. Not protecting your hairs would result into hair damage and at last hair fall until bald patches appear on the scalp. Before stepping out in the sun you should always apply heat protecting serum or carrying an umbrella along with you is the best idea. Always cover your hair with a satin cloth if you fell the atmosphere is full of dust and dirt. Always apply hair protecting serum or spray before styling your hair, this will ensure that your hair doesn’t face the damage caused by the tools.

Following small hair care tips and avoiding such hair care mistakes would help you achieve beautiful and healthy hair that you always desired for.