7 Natural Eye Care Tips For A Healthy Vision In Small Children

child eye care

Weak eyesight is a problem that almost everyone suffers irrespective of their age and unfortunately, kids also get their vision hazy due to some problems. Of course, no one wants to see a musky view all the time and to grow up with glasses or lenses.

There are a few reasons which can cause eyesight problem at an early age. They are:

Unbalanced diet:

child eye care

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Sometimes children nag with food items which results in the lack of certain vitamins in their diet that causes weak eyesight. Lack of vitamin A is very dangerous for your tiny kid’s eyesight which may lead to weak vision. This not only weakens eyesight but also causes many health-related disorders.

Too much TV, mobile or computer:

In today’s life parents often use mobile or TV to keep their kids busy and kids also enjoy watching cartoons and also love to watch videos or images on a mobile phone but this affects their eyes and might even result into permanent blindness. The bright color of the screen creates all the problems.

Other diseases:

child eye care

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Sometimes children take birth with certain diseases or disorders which results in weak vision. Retinitis Pigmentosa, Cataracts, Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular Degeneration, etc are some of the diseases that can weaken your child’s eyesight. These diseases can be cured with treatment if symptoms are observed.

Premature delivery also results in weak eyesight as in that case both the child’s brain as well as eyesight is not well developed. This problem can be resolved if children’s eye care is done properly and checkups are done on monthly basis or once in two months.

7 Natural eye care tips for a healthy vision in small children:

  • The perfect diet for better eyesight:

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It is proved that it shows on our health what we eat, so there is no alternative to eating healthy food. Eating food reach in vitamin A, Ogema-3 fatty acid can lead to healthy eyesight, carrot, seafood; leafy vegetables etc are some of the best food items that one can have for the better health of eyes.

  • Sun protection:

child eye care

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Just like our skin or hair, our eyes also need protection from harmful sun rays. Looking directly at the sun or being exposed to sun rays for a long time may lead to weak eyesight. The best way to protect your kid’s eyes from sun rays is to make it their habit to wear a sunglass whenever they step out in the bright sunny day.

  • Relaxation of eyes:

child eye care

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Our eyes are active all day round which creates stress and pressure in eyes, taking small naps or just closing eyes for 5 minutes in between studies or game will help your kid a lot in maintaining good health of eyes.

  • Keep your kids at a distance from the screen:

child eye care

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The bright colors of the screen do tremendous damage to your kid’s eyesight so it is better that you keep them in a distance whenever they watch TV or mobile.

  • Brightness:

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Both low light as well as bright light may damage your eye sight so it is better to stay in a moderate light and your kid should always read books or study in bright light as low light may create stress in your kid’s eyes.

  • Blink often:

child eye care

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Do not look at anything continuously as that can cause stress resulting weak eyesight but to blink often is to give your eyes rest.

  • Observing symptoms and to visit a doctor:

child eye care

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Never take any eye related problems of your child casually, always visit a doctor whenever needed because good medication if not cure but will stabilize and improve eye health of your kid’s eyes.

If these simple ways are maintained and applied than if would promote good health of your child’s eyesight eliminating hazy vision.