8 Warning Signs To Tell If You have Binge Eating Disorder

bing disorder

Binge eating disorder is the situation where you have no control over eating and you end up eating a hell lot of food in one go which is really harmful to your health. There are many causes that lead to this eating disorder in the human body but the exact factor is still not known. This disorder is said to be linked with the bad mental condition of a person and study reveals that almost 80% of people suffering from this disorder had a depressing phrase in their life.

Stress, anxiety as well as depression often lead to this eating disorder without someone knowing about it. Sometimes it is being observed that binge eating disorder occurs with hormonal changes and sometimes it is inherited. It is also being observed that people often tend to overeat when they feel lonely and find no supports around.

Treating this tough disorder is also possible but before getting into any treatment it is very important to know about the disorder and understanding the symptoms is a must. Here are some signs that can clearly tell if a person is suffering from binge eating disorder:

  • Always munching:

bing disorder

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People suffering from BED always tend to munch something no matter how full they are and when last time they had enough food. Sitting with a packet of chips or some junk food is common in this case. It is being observed that if a person is away from food for some time, they start feeling tensed and nervous.

  • Not being guilty of those extra fats:

bing disorder

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People with binge eating disorder always seem to be carefree of those extra pounds on their body. They never care about doing exercise and always seem to be proud of the fat that they have gained.

  • Always planning about eating foods:

bing disorder

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No matter what the situation or occasion is, but they would always plan about having some sort of food and for them, food is their priority and nothing much matters for them.

  • No control over the amount of food:

bing disorder

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It is often seen that they eat not to satisfy their hunger but they eat till they are mentally satisfied. This may have many harmful effects on your body which may lead to serious health disorders as well as illness.

  • Cannot resist food:

bing disorder

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People suffering from BED always assume that food id the only thing that can calm them up so they always end up eating a lot of food when they are angry, alone and depressed.

  • A room full of food packets:

bing disorder

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You will find that the room is full of wrappers of food and food containers if a person is going through the phase of BED. Living with food and it wrappers around them makes them comfortable.

  • Abnormal eating order:

bing disorder

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You will always find that there is no proper order or time of eating if a person is suffering from BED; they always prefer eating whenever they want to.

  • Choosy about food items:

bing disorder

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Not every food would satisfy your taste bud, if you are suffering from such disorders then there is a high chance that your stick to a certain dish or food item and would prefer having them over any other dishes.

If you learn to control yourself and would have an urge to get out of the situation than this eating disorder can be cured. Meditation, medication, and a strict diet plan helps a lot to overcome Binge eating disorder.