A Pregnancy Diet Chart For Healthy Mom and Healthy Child

pregnancy food

A pregnant lady needs extra care than any normal human being as it carries a child with her, meaning you need to care for two lives by way of one. The pregnancy diet of the women should include a good amount of nutrients to ensure that she remains healthy to face challenges happening in the body.

Just to ensure her safety it is recommended that a diet chart should be followed by how much amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats should be consumed by her. The following list of pregnancy food items will let you know what all nutrients are consumed when you intake different food items.

Eggs or Cereals

pregnancy food

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Eggs are the best source for the intake of protein and contain many other vitamins that build the strength of the body. It includes Choline which helps in developing the baby’s brain and spinal cord. Don’t worry if you are a vegetarian you can get the same nutrients from consuming cereals.

However consumption of raw eggs will not be good for your health, uncooked eggs can cause infection.

Dairy Products

pregnancy food

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The best way to consume maximum amount of calcium is by eating as many dairy products. For people who lactose intolerant can consume probiotic yogurt. Taking probiotic food items during pregnancy reduce the risk of complications.

Avoid ripened cheese as it can cause listeria infection which can harm both the mother and the child during pregnancy.

Fruits and Vegetables

pregnancy food

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Consider eating fruits and vegetables in 5 portions of the day. Experts recommend eating over drinking because natural sugar level is high in juice. One can drink the juice of carrot and vegetable grass for a high amount of nutrition.

Sweet Potatoes

pregnancy food

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They are very rich in nutrients and contain a good amount of Vitamin A which is very essential for the growth of the body. It also includes fiber which improves the digestive system.

Whole Grains

pregnancy food

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Whole grains are a way to provide calories to the body. It fulfills the calorie requirement during pregnancy and the fibres present in the food element are good for the health. Pregnant women generally lack Vitamin-B which are found in whole grains.

These pregnancy food tips will help you maintain your diet properly and will provide you with the strength to carry the child.