Use of Apexo Elevator While Extracting Teeth in Dental Procedures

In dentistry, dental apexo elevators are used in tooth extraction procedures. One of the noteworthy types of elevators is the Apexo elevator which helps to help to dislocate the teeth and to exert pressure on the tooth particles that can separate the periodontal ligament surrounding tooth roots. It also helps to extend alveolar bone around tooth particles. These parameters cause the withdrawal of tooth particles and organized forceps extraction of teeth.

Let’s have a look at the benefits, features, and working principles of dental elevators. 

apexo elevator


Benefits And Features Of Apexo Elevator

It helps to take out the damaged and broken tips of the roots present under the gums. They function to take out and relieve oral parts and alleviate the stress to the tissues and teeth. It is a proficient tool for upper anterior roots and small teeth. Its German stainless steel configuration protects it from corrosion and environmental changes. It has premium strength and needs less dental care and maintenance.

The structure of the elevator is for convenient, practical utilization. The thumb hold features enhance the handling for the user. The sterilization makes it last longer for frequent usage. The ends of the elevator, which involve complete functioning, are slender and tapered to put them in constricted areas for smooth dislocation of root surface and teeth. The premium quality of the elevator contributes to better functioning.

Functions Of Dental Elevator 

The prime functions of dental elevators are:

  • It makes removing the tooth effortless by dislocating the tooth from the periodontal ligament and the gums.
  • It resists stress to adjacent teeth and tissue.
  • Apically positioned so that less are chances of tooth breakage and deep-seated roots.

apexo elevator



This elevator has the following indications:

  • Disposition of the tooth before using the forceps.
  • Dislocate and remove the teeth and roots, which are difficult to approach with forceps like impacted teeth and crowded teeth.
  • Disengage and extract the subgingival fractured and carious teeth that forceps can not handle.
  • To divide the tooth after positioning the groove to separate the tooth into two pieces.
  • To remove the broken root pieces from alveolar bone maxillary central and lateral incisors, canines, and premolars.

Precautions During Use

  • Use an interdental bone in place of a fulcrum or your finger.
  • The buccal or lingual plate is sensitive and can break easily. Therefore, it is important not to use it as a fulcrum as it is fragile and thin.
  • The mesial side of teeth is the best operating site for elevation.
  • It is essential to use finger guards to prevent any elevator movement and chances of injury.
  • Remember to use the concave or flat side of the elevator’s blade to take out the desired tooth.
  • Exert the pressure in the same direction of extraction of the tooth.
  • If you use interseptal bone as a fulcrum, avoid involving adjoining teeth to prevent avulsion.

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Principle Of Apexo Elevator

apexo elevator


Lever Principle

  • Most typical in utilization.
  • The position of the fulcrum is between effort and resistance.
  • Involved in a combination of wheel and axle.
  • Hold it away from the fulcrum (hinge of forceps) for more pressure.

Wedge Principle

  • Extends the division and disengages the object that is getting the pressure.
  • It consists of two moveable tilted planes, with dual ends having a base and blade.
  • The elevator makes its place between the root and the bone, which is at a parallel position to the bone.
  • The exerted pressure converts this resistance into force on the slant side.

Wheel And Axle Principle

  • The pressure exerted on the boundary of the wheel rotates the axle to increase the tooth weight.
  • Be careful while implementing and look for damaging the mandible and breaking it.

Final Verdict on Apexo Elevator

Dental surgical instruments are of great importance for effective and successful periodontal surgeries such as tooth extraction. For extraction of a tooth, Apexo elevator are essential to use for loosening the teeth and removing them from the deep sockets. The working ends of elevators prevent the injury of adjacent teeth, gums, and bones. If you are looking for dental elevators, then visit GerDentUSA Inc. It supplies and manufactures dental equipment of various kinds with innovative designs. Go and visit the website and buy the dental tools for your clinic and dental practice.

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