Are Pecans Good For You? Know The Nutrition Facts Of Pecans

are pecans good for you

Today, we will discuss are pecans good for you or not. There are numerous types of food items that we intake in our life. They range from small nuts to big fruits. Today, in this article, we are going to discuss one such nut and see if it is good for our health or not.

Pecans are nothing but a type of nuts that are healthy and work great as an antioxidant. In other words, an antioxidant can be also called free-radical scavengers as they prevent the cells from getting damaged due to free-radicals. In this article, we will be discussing some of the benefits of pecans along with the ways to eat them.

The rich and rich decency of pecans makes for a liberal fixing in sweet treats, or as an enhancement. In any event that is the place where pecans customarily land—in pecans pie and on tacky buns. In any case, perhaps that is the reason we’ve neglected walnuts as a solid nut, figuring they should be eaten sparingly or just as a unique treat.

Are Pecans Good For You?

It’s an ideal opportunity to allow pecans a second look since they contain numerous beneficial things that are solid for us. They’re as of now getting more consideration as veggie-lover, vegan, and keto weight watchers search for plant-based protein sources wealthy in supplements. 

Experts say that as per the USDA, pecans rank as one of the best 15 nourishments with the most significant levels of antioxidants. There are numerous minerals as well as vitamins indulged inside it. Those vitamins and minerals are as follows.

Zinc, Selenium is seen in high amounts. Other minerals include Calcium along with Potassium. They even have a good proportion of Iron as well as magnesium in it. Here’s everything ranging from beginning to end about what you need to think about walnut nourishment realities, medical advantages, and how to eat them. 

Where Do Pecans Develop or Grow? 

are pecans good for you


The Pecan is the simply only tree nut local to North America. “Pecan” comes from a Native American name of Algonquian birthplace that signifies “a nut too difficult to even think about cracking by hand.” There are some areas in America where pecan grows in high amounts. These are the primary fifteen states of the United States of America. These states are Texas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Missouri, Kansas, Florida, Arizona, Alabama. 

Other states include are Arkansas, California, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, and South Carolina. What’s more, a noteworthy eighty percent of U.S.-developed pecans supplies the entire world. Another tree nut, the cashew, develops on trees as well. However, once you perceive how cashews develop, you’ll never observe them in a similar way again. 

How Are Pecans Developed Over the Country? 

are pecans good for you


Pecans fill in trees and reaped them in the United States of America. They are typically in forests or plantations. Forests are what you may find in the wild, while plantations are business tasks. You can’t surge nature when it comes time to developing pecans. It takes between seven to ten years before a tree yields a full harvest.

Be that as it may, when a tree begins, it can create pecans for as long as 100 years or more. This is quite impressive, as it takes around ten years for the growth but can produce pecans and supply for as long as 100 years. Walnuts are sold in the shell, shelled, crude, and cooked in different sizes from entire “mammoth” size right down to minuscule bits of pecan supper. 

Uncracked: the Pecans’ Trick of the Trade 

are pecans good for you


With regards to the tree nut group of walnuts, pistachio, Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, cashews, almonds, and hazelnuts, the pecans sparkle in a single classification—as an antioxidant. “Walnuts have the most significant levels of a type of nutrient Vitamin E called gamma-tocopherols,” says an expert.

The usage and importance of Vitamin E are widely acknowledged. It works as a strong antioxidant and is also good in providing the necessary protection to the cells which is vital for the proper functioning of the immune system as the whole body depends on it. If the immune system is weak, the body may soon become a home to many problems. Thus, in this way pecans are good for you.

What Are the Nutrition Values of Pecan?

are pecans good for you


Pecans pack in a great deal of crucial nourishment in only one serving. “Pecans are wealthy in many key supplements, particularly fiber, copper, thiamine, and zinc,” says experts from all over the world. Certain nutrients such as zinc along with copper work well for the working of the immune system. 

Another thing such as thiamine is also essential for the working of energy metabolism. These are certain aspects one needs to be acknowledged with while intaking the pecan. Remember, no item is good or bad. It just depends on the level of intake. Even Pecan can prove to be harmful if you consume it in large proportion. So, stay within the limits and properly maintain your intake to ensure a proper healthy body. 

There is a certain Daily Value for Nutrients that one must intake in a day. For substance Manganese, Pecan contains more than fifty percent of the daily required value. Manganese is a vital substance that is essential for the development of your bone.

It also maintains the level of cholesterol along with amino acids which helps to prevent inflammation inside the body. Metabolism of Carbohydrates also maintains with the help of manganese. The proportion of fiber for diet is high and has a low amount of carbs and hence, it stands out from the rest of the nuts. 

Following are the facts regarding the nutrition of Pecan:

The calorific value for one ounce of Pecan is 196

The protein value for one ounce of Pecan is 2.6 gm

Carbs value for one ounce of Pecan is 3.9 gm

The fiber value for one ounce of Pecan is 2.7 gm

Fat value for one ounce of Pecan is 20 gm

The sugar value for one ounce of Pecan is 1.1 gm

The sodium value for one ounce of Pecan is 0 gm

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What Are the Different Benefits of Pecans for Our Health?

are pecans good for you


Blood Sugar

Blood sugar, or blood glucose, transports sugar throughout our body by carrying the glucose to the cells which helps the body maintain its energy level. Certain times, it is possible that the food we eat makes 1our blood sugar level high. Diabetic patients can relate with blood sugar is a serious concern. This way, it can impact some of the major organs of our body and also damages the heart. 

Study shows that Pecans can help to improve the levels of blood sugar. Studies revealed that just as the tree nuts, pecans help to control the level of blood sugar and prevent diabetes. As per the study, after four weeks of a diet filled with pecans, insulin resistance improves drastically along with serum insulin. Also, it was evident with the studies that the consumption of pecans in daily life helped in lowering the fatal risks of cardiovascular diseases. This way, Pecans are important in preventing Diabetes as well as helps in lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

A Boost for Heart Health

It has been observed that with the consumption of pecans, one can improve the health of their heart as they are rich in fats. Bad cholesterol, also referred to in technical terms as monounsaturated fats, as well as polyunsaturated fats, gets reduced to a notable amount with the intake of pecans. 

As per some of the studies, it observed that one ounce of intake of pecans for twelve weeks improved the total count of cholesterol with HDL cholesterol which is present in the blood. This is good news for people having coronary artery disease. Other studies showed that people consuming 2 and a half-ounce of pecan each day had lower levels of cholesterol of LDL type if they had pecans for around two months. 

Reduction in Inflammation

Inflammation inside our body can cause us many issues in a prolonged period. Health issues such as diabetes, arthritis, asthma can occur if there is inflammation for a long time. Pecans are considered to be good food that reduces inflammation inside our body. 

Pecans, along with blueberries and red beans are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E as well as Beta Carotene. All of these substances prove to very effective to reduce inflammation. They also protect our body from unnecessary stress and can help in relaxing the mind. Thiamine, which is present in pecans, proves to very helpful for the proper function of chemical messengers of the brain. These chemical messengers knew neurotransmitters in technical terms. Even the copper present inside the pecans helps in preventing free radical damage. 

This was all about the topic are pecans good for you? Pecans are an amazing substance that is widely consumed by many people over the world. We hope that this article has served its purpose and will help you in getting enough insights regarding pecans.

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