China Reports The Asymptomatic Coronavirus Cases – Is It A Second Wave Of Infection?

asymptomatic coronavirus cases

The global crisis coronavirus has locked people in their houses. The pandemic is also compared with the Spanish flu of the year 1980. But we all hope that’s not the case. China recently shared a report regarding victory over the coronavirus pandemic. Hearing this, we all could see the ray of light (hope) in this darkness. 

But the news from China on Wednesday took the ray of hope and shook the health workers. China reported asymptomatic coronavirus cases. According to the National Health Commission (NHC), there were a total of 1,541 new cases reported, which were carrying the deadly novel coronavirus even after the stringent measures to contain the spread.

What are Asymptomatic Coronavirus Cases?

The cases where the virus is in the body but doesn’t show any symptoms are asymptomatic cases. 

On Tuesday, the National Health Commission announced that they would reveal the list of asymptomatic coronavirus cases in China. This outbreak is also considered the second wave of the infection.

As we said, there were a total of 1,541 COVID-19 patients, there were around 205 imported cases, and that was on Monday. And till the end of Wednesday, there were 806 imported cases.

The death of seven people was recorded, which increased the death numbers to 3,312. And by the end of Tuesday, the total number of COVID-19 confirmed cases were 81,554 on mainland China.

asymptomatic coronavirus cases


After the realization of asymptomatic cases, the officials have planted the tight screening and quarantine rules for the people who test positive for the nCoV. Till now, the asymptomatic cases have not been counted as the confirmed cases of COVID-19 under the government rules.

What they are doing is, people with the asymptomatic case, along with people in their contact, are being isolated for the 14 days upon the discovery. Then their quarantine will only be lifted if they test negative for the COVID-19 tested between the 24-hour gap. And if someone is there who has a positive result, then only it will be considered as the confirmed case.

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These all happened when China was about to lift the lockdown from the epicenter. And this news has shaken every to the core, and have a doubt on whether the officials are genuine with the number of cases. People want to know everything about such cases and demand transparency regarding the situation.

So the focus was on keeping a close eye on the carriers of asymptomatic coronaviruses and taking action accordingly. The Chinese government had kept around 20,000 people in isolation till Tuesday and were tracing their contacts too. Till now, more than 700,000 people who were in closed contact with the suspected cases are traced in China. After classifying, there were around 43,000 cases of asymptomatic infection through contact tracing. 

asymptomatic coronavirus cases


Chinese government’s senior health care advisor said the asymptomatic infections would not result in a major outbreak if the chain is broken. And hence the measures are taken accordingly. 

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