Ava Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd Negotiates for the Certification for Developing a Keytruda Generic

AVA Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd

AVA Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd drug company reported the start of negotiations with the Merck & Co US company for the certification for developing and further manufacture of a Keytruda generic drug.

This original Keytruda preparation is a targeted therapy drug. It intensifies the patient’s native immune system and helps the body’s to struggle against the tumor. The preparation is prescribed in the treatment of metastatic or inoperable melanoma, classical lymphocytoma, dermoid and urothelial cancer, and other types of tumors resistant to standard methods of treatment.

Keytruda is administered intravenously two or three times a week. The length of treatment is determined individually.

AVA Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd

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For today, this drug is considered the most promising means for cancer treatment. Based on the results of clinical studies, Keytruda improves the survival rate in 62%-69% of oncology patients. However, the price of one original drug package ranges from $4000 to $5000. One treatment course takes at least eight packages of the drug, which means just an impracticable amount to many cancer patients.

The development of the generic drug and its further production will be a true salvation for millions of patients. It will make a high-quality, effective and safe treatment at acceptable costs possible.

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About the Company:

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AVA Pharmaceutical (Pvt) Ltd is a company held by the state with the 51% stake in other pharmaceuticals. One of the investors of this company is Dr. Reddy’s. The company develops the generic drugs and has 200 trade names listed in the product list section. The company was founded in the year 1996. Till now, it has developed drugs for diseases like digestive disorders, diabetes, cancer, viral hepatitis and HIV.

The aim of the company is to develop direct antiviral drugs and antiretroviral therapy products, whose analogues aren’t seen in today’s time. It has a record of exporting millions of drugs around the world saving lives.

AVA Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd

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If we talk about the quality of the drugs, the raw materials used are made in India. The company is known to comply with GMP quality standards. The dosages of drugs are reliable as the whole production line is automated and the thermolability of drugs is minimized with the use of special medicine containers for transportation.

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