Some Of The Best Back And Bicep Workout For Women

back and bicep workout women

Fit body is a desire of every person and now even girls are not lagged behind rather they work really hard to get that amazing body and if you thing that getting a perfect lean body is everything then you may not be aware of the actual trend of present days as now everyone is not only looking for a slim body but at the same time they want a perfect shaped body which should not be lean rather people now desire for muscular body.

When talking about perfect body, biceps as well as back comes next to waist and if your bicep as well as back would not be perfect then your entire body may look unfit and not so desirable at the same time. women have some specific workouts which they can do in order to get that bomb back as well as biceps and if you are wondering about some of the best back and bicep workout women then here are some of them listed below that you need to check out and also you can try them out for that perfect back as well as biceps which would of course constitute into a perfect body thereafter:

Back Dumbbell Pulls

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This seems to be one of the most effective single workout which would not only make your back look best but at the same time it would make your biceps perfect which seems to be a great thing so if you would do this amazing workout on a daily basis then you would not have to do any different workout for back or biceps. This is not that easy but with some practice as well as strength you can do this for sure and no matter even if you are a beginner in exercises or workouts then also you can do this amazing workout for sure.

Here you would just have to get your hands in a dumbbell that’s it and nothing else would be needed so you can even do this workout at your home which makes it cheap as well and so you can do this in your convenient time. Here you would have to hold a dumbbell with your both hands and get that places just behind your head and then just try to push it down as much as you can and then lift it above your head that’s it. Now you would have to keep on repeating the process at least for 15 times a day for getting the best ever results. Good results are guaranteed with this amazing workout and you can actually expect good results within some weeks and you should do it on a regular basis.

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Pullovers With Resistance Band

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Pullovers are very easy and there is no hard and sole rule for doing pullovers and the best thing is that there are many ways to do pullovers basically and resistance band can be the only thing with which you can do your back and bicep workout at the same time. This workout can be one at home so you don’t have to hit gym and spend lots of money there. here you would first have to get your hands on two small resistance band and then you have to tie it up in a height and by adjusting the height you can actually adjust the resistance of the workout and with time you can increase the resistance in order to receive the best ever results of the workout. Now you have to pull the one band in one side and another at another side and try to pull it as much as you can and after a while just rest for some seconds and then repeat the process again and again. With this amazing workout you may feel tired but at the same time the results would be amazing as well as effective which is a great thing.

Pull Me Up

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This is actually a hard workout and for doing this workout you need to be very strong and it is not at all a beginner friendly workout as it needs a lot of practice so if you are someone who is into workouts for a long period of time and now is willing to update the workout game then you can try this workout as it is one of the best as well as most effective back an bicep workout that you can do at home in your convenient time and for this workout you don’t even have to hit a gym so you would not have to spend any money for this workout which is a great thing for sure.

Now here you would see a pair of ring which needs to be attached very strong so that it would hold up your entire body weight without any fail otherwise you may get hurt while doing this workout which no one wants for sure. Now you simply need to hold the pair of ring with your hands and hand your entire body in the height and then slowly pull your entire body up as much as you can and then rest in the air and then again pull your body up as much as possible. You need to keep on doing this workout for about 15 pulls and it is for sure that you would get amazing results in few days with this workout.


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Now this one is said to be an entire body workout which you can do and this workout needs nothing at all and can be done anywhere you want and this would serve you with many benefits which seems to be amazing for sure. It is not that simple but it is definitely beginner friendly and can be done by anyone as well which is a great thing for sure.

Here you would have to lie down on the ground facing the ground of course and then you would have to settle your hands at both the sides of your chest and then you simply have to pull your body up just by your hand strength and that’s it. Keep on doing this for at least 20 times a day and soon you would receive good results and with this workout your weight can also be controlled as well as shed which is a great thing. Well not only with exercise but if you want some good healthy life then it is all about the combination of good diet, exercise and yoga. These all things comes under the health and fitness where you should get to know in details.

These were few of the best back and bicep workout women that you can check out and also you can try them out as well in order to get the best ever results and for more such information you can browse through Healthclubfinder.