Bactrim Side Effects and Its Exploration

What is Bactrim?

Bactrim is a very common medication that is used to treat a plethora of bacterial infections. It is a mix or combination of two antibiotics i.e. trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole. 

The bacterial infections that it commonly treats include respiratory, urinary tract, and intestinal infections. Its composition consists of:

  • Trimethoprim- five parts
  • Sulfamethoxazole- one part

This antibiotic is also used to treat pneumonia, cholera, and some skin infections. But, you should not administer it to children. You can either consume it orally or intravenously. 

However, it cannot treat viral infections effectively. The medicine works by decreasing the speed of bacterial reproduction and killing the bacteria.

It is imperative that you don’t self-medicate and visit your primary healthcare physician to see if you need a prescription for the drug.

Side Effects of Bactrim

bactrim allergic reaction


Bactrim is a very serious antibiotic with a wide range of side effects that range from bad to life-threatening. Therefore, consume it only after proper medical advice from your doctor.

  • Vomiting and nausea are two very common side effects of Bactrim intake.
  • You might experience a loss of appetite and a feeling of being full.
  • Diarrhea is also a frequent side effect and can range from mild to extreme.

In addition to these mild side effects, you might face some other serious issues. In case you experience any of these extreme symptoms, contact your doctor ASAP.

These serious side effects include the following:

  • It is a possibility that you experience a very fast heart rate, restlessness, and dizziness.
  • You might have difficulty breathing properly.
  • Your muscles can also become extremely weak.
  • You might feel that your sugar levels are extremely low and that you’re going to faint any minute.
  • Joint pains and fatigue are also experienced by some patients.
  • Urinary issues like dark urine, bloody urine, or change in the frequency of urination are frequent side effects.
  • You might observe mucus or blood in your stools.
  • Sweating and vision problems are also common.
  • Mild to moderate mood swings coupled with an irregular heartbeat can be dangerous.
  • Patients can also develop skin allergies in the form of rashes and blisters. You can also develop a peeling skin rash in severe cases.
  • Yellowing of the body skin is pretty common.
  • Alternatively, the other parts of your body can also display allergic reactions. For instance, swelling of the face and tongue.
  • Seizures are very worrisome and have serious side effects Bactrim.
  • Women might experience vaginal discharge or irritation in the pubic area. This can be due to the appearance of a yeast infection due to the prolonged usage of Bactrim.
  • There is a possibility that certain patients can develop intestinal issues or liver damage.

Dosage Instructions Of Bactrim

bactrim allergic reaction


Ensure that you follow the prescribed dosage instructions to maintain your health and well-being. Do not play around with your dosage instructions. It can be lethal.

  • Consume the medication as per your doctor’s instructions.
  • Usually, doctors suggest that you consume Bactrim orally with a glass. However, in some cases, the patient is not able to consume it orally. So, it is given intravenously.
  • The dosage depends on your condition’s severity.
  • Doctors also suggest patients drink fluids round the clock to avoid the formation of kidney stones.
  • You should follow the dosage instructions properly to maximize its effect. Do not miss a dose in between. 

However, if you do miss it, take it ASAP. But if the time of the next dose is round the corner, miss this current dose. You should not consume two doses at such close intervals.

  • Continue the dosage even if the symptoms disappear. You should complete the course and stop the intake in the middle. It could result in a relapse.
  • Overdose- In the case of an overdose, call an ambulance immediately or take the patient to a hospital ASAP.

In case the patient exhibits severe symptoms as listed above, take him/her to a doctor at that instant.

  • Most importantly, if you have been taking Bactrim for a prolonged period, it is necessary that you visit your doctor regularly. He should check you for long-term side effects of the drug or any other side effects that you have been experiencing.

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bactrim allergic reaction


As we have observed, Bactrim can be lethal if not administered in the right quantity at the right time. Therefore, it is significant that you keep the following precautions about Bactrim in your mind:

  • Your doctor must be aware of your medical history including prior infections, ailments, and allergies before prescribing you Bactrim.
  • If you are aware that you are allergic to Bactrim, tell your doctor so that he can prescribe you an alternative for it.
  • In addition, tell your doctor of any other drug that you are already consuming. It is a possibility that Bactrim can react with that medication and cause serious problems.
  • You should be aware of the fact that Bactrim can cause some serious side effects like severe allergies, intestinal issues, urinary problems, liver diseases, and blood disorders.
  • Diabetic patients should constantly check their sugar levels as it causes their blood sugar to drop significantly at times.
  • While consuming Bactrim, doctors recommend patients not to get vaccinated for any bacterial diseases like typhoid as Bactrim can neutralize or nullify the effect of the vaccine.

You can get vaccinated after you have completed this antibiotic course.

  • Pregnant women are generally not prescribed this medicine. This is because it can cause harm to the fetus. Do consult your doctor before taking Bactrim if you are expecting.
  • Children below the age of two should not consume Bactrim.
  • Even if you experience slight discomfort, do see a doctor as it can develop into something serious very quickly.

Your health and well-being are of the utmost importance. Therefore, don’t consume Bactrim without a doctor’s prescription. Ensure its intake at regular intervals without missing any dose.

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