A Beginner’s Guide To Swimming: Benefits, Challenges And Important Considerations

Beginner’s Guide to Swimming


If you are someone who gets motivated to take up swimming every time you see the sport on television this article is for you. For the longest time in recorded history, almost all major athletes and fitness experts have commented on the benefits of swimming. 

Many people feel that swimming is something you can only learn as a child and not a skill you pick up when you are an adult. There is no age to learn how to swim. There is also no shame if you did not get the time or the opportunity to learn swimming when you were young. 

Beginner’s Guide to Swimming

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In this beginner’s guide, we are going to look at three important areas, concerning swimming- 

  • The benefits of swimming
  • The challenges you will face when learning
  • The important areas you need to take into consideration

Key Benefits of Swimming according to Experts

In this section, we are going to look at some of the great physical and mental advantages of swimming- 

Helps in Bone and Muscle Development

Beginner’s Guide to Swimming

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Experts like to suggest swimming as a form of physical development as it offers a complete workout for the whole body. Two major areas, where swimming contributes the most are in maintaining healthy bones and muscles. 

Assists in Reducing Anxiety and Depression

Beginner’s Guide to Swimming

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Many therapists and psychologists often prescribe swimming for their clients because of the mental benefits it accords. They point out that swimming helps in relaxing and soothing brain function. In addition, breathing exercises help in maintaining better blood flow. 

Great exercise for Weight Loss

Beginner’s Guide to Swimming

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Have you ever wondered why Olympic swimmers are so lean and have zero fat percentages on their bodies? This is because swimming is a great way to lose weight. You do not need to go for life-threatening diet plans or cosmetic surgery to cut flab if you take up swimming. 

Besides the above-mentioned benefits, swimming is also very advantageous for staying alert, arthritis, and diabetes patients. 

What are some Important Things you need to consider when you start Swimming?

One of the first things you need to consider before taking the plunge is to decide upon the swimming academy. You need to be sure of the instructor and their teaching methods. Let us list down some of them below- 

Sanitation and Hygiene 

Beginner’s Guide to Swimming

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In times like these, you also need to pay attention to the level of hygiene and sanitation the academy is following. How many times the pools and the changing rooms are disinfected, whether social distancing norms are being followed and proper attention being paid to testing are some areas you need to look into. 

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The Right Coaching

Beginner’s Guide to Swimming

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At the end of the day, you would want to join the best swimming lessons for adults. If you are someone who is too shy to learn how to swim being an adult, you can always request personal one-to-one coaching. However, it is better to learn in a group as you will always find people with similar issues as you have. 

Build up Slow

Beginner’s Guide to Swimming

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Like any other sport, swimming is all about building up a slow tempo and creating endurance and stamina as you proceed. If you want quick results, you will have to convey the same to your instructor. However, you need to ensure that your body is responding in a favorable manner to the new exercise. 

Focus on Breathing

Beginner’s Guide to Swimming

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When it comes to swimming, the major hurdles are usually around breathing. Holding your breath, releasing air, and inhaling are some aspects, which you will need to pay close attention to. If you have championed breathing early, you will get a hang of it pretty quickly. Swimming helps improve breathing and the flow of oxygen in the body. 

The Final Word

There is no set age to learn how to swim. This is why you shouldn’t worry about the same if you are an adult. By paying attention to the different points in the article, you will not only learn an important life skill but fund out about the most wholesome exercise for your body ever.  Thank you for visiting Healthclubfinder.




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