Who Are The Best Doctors In The World Today?

best doctors in the world today

Doctors are human like us but they have the ability to save lives so they are compared to god and even are said as next to gods. Though there are so many different types of doctors who have specialized in different parts or complications of the body. Every doctor tries to be best and also serves the best to the patient but there are some doctors who prove to be the best off all. If you are wondering about the best of best doctors then here is a small list of some top doctors in the world that you need to check out:

Dr. William A. Abdu:

best doctors in the world today

Source : dartmed.dartmouth.edu

This amazing doctor has done M.D as well as M.S and he is associated with the orthopedics as well as the Dartmouth Institute Medical Director. This amazing doctor has done his studies from the Tufts University in the year 1985 and he has done magic when it comes to spine treatment and he has done many successful spine surgeries.

Dr. Naresh Trehan:

best doctors in the world today

Source: careerguide.com

Since cardio problems are spreading over there are still good doctors like him who have mastered in solving people’s cardiovascular complications like magic. This doctor is an India based doctor and in order to see him you have to be at New Delhi in Escorts Heart institute and research center. He is a great cardiac surgeon who rarely missed to treat people. This amazing doctor has done his studies from King George’s medical college that is located at Lucknow.

Dr. Myles. B. Abbott:

Dr. Myles has done M.D and is one of the most famous as well as an amazing pediatrician all around the world and people from far apart also come to get checkups from him. This amazing doctor has done his studies from the University of Miami. He specializes in growth complications as well as development problems of any child. Nowadays he is available at Oaklands in a children’s research center.

Dr. Fouad. M. Abbas:

This M.D doctor is an amazing gynecologist who has successfully handled as well as solved many such problems. Moreover, he is also a very well known oncologist and basically his field includes oncologist of Gynecology, and obstetrician. An oncologist is a doctor who has specialized in the study of cancer and this doctor is said to be the best oncologist in the world as well. He did his studies in the Maryland School of Medicine.

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Dr. Khalid Abbed:

This M.D doctor is a world-famous Neurologist and people from far apart come to get checkups done by him and people have left his chamber or hospital with good news always. Neurology is not a small section and it has got many said parts or sections and this amazing doctor has specialized in the spine part so he looks after all spine related complications.

Dr. Arthur Reese Abright:

She is one of the best psychiatry doctors in the entire world basically her field is to treat mental illness as well as complications of her patient. Her work includes dealing with depression or any mental complication of people. This lady spirit has done her studies from university of texas southwestern medical school. People facing mental problems such as depression, stress, etc always knocks her door for the solution.

Dr. Sudhansu Bhattacharya:

best doctors in the world today

Source : barnesjewishblog.org

This magical person has lots of medical degrees such as MBBS, MS as well as MCH. This India based doctor is a great cardiac surgeon and people from different places with cardiac problems try to visit him as if cures cardio problem like magic. This is not it as this amazing doctor has not only done surgeries successfully but he has also made many surgical instruments that have eased up the cardio surgery easy in present days. He is now serving patients at Sheth G.S medical college as well as at K.E.M hospital.

These were few of the best doctors in the world today that you need to check out and if you ever face any such problems then you can consider visiting them as well. You can get to know about many more health specialists at healthclubfinder.

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