Best Hand Sanitizer One Must Have

best hand sanitizer

When we talk of personal hygiene and sanitation, the first thing that comes to our mind is washing our hands frequently with the best hand sanitizer. Medical practitioners suggesting these practices for ages and for a long time protecting us from various diseases and infections.

WHO has suggested that keeping your hands clean is the best practice to keep away all kinds of infections. Due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak across the world, a lot of emphases has been laid upon hand cleanliness.

However, due to today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it is very difficult to wash your hands all time.

Therefore, the best-suited alternative is to use hand sanitizers. Selecting the right product for you and your family can be a tough task and, therefore, we bring to you all details on choosing one that is most suited to you.

Various Types of hand Sanitizers: 

Before buying one, it is important to know the various types available and choosing the best hand sanitizer as per your requirements. There are 2 types of categories:

Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizers:

These, according to their name, have other contents that kill the germs on their hands. Instead of alcohol, these usually contain triclosan or other iodine and chlorine-based formulations.

Best Hand Sanitizers


A higher amount of alcohol is required to kill bacteria; whereas alcohol-free hand sanitizers use about 0.1 to 0.13 percent of alcohol-free formulations. These are equally effective as alcohol-based ones. However, alcohol-free hand sanitizers are more likely to get contaminated such is the case with alcohol-based ones as well. Therefore, it is important to check before buying the product.

Alcohol-based Sanitizers:

Hand sanitizer is liquid, foam, or gel commonly used to disinfect various infections. These are the most common types of sanitizers in medical institutions. Alcohol is the best antiseptic and therefore these sanitizers have been very efficient in killing disease or disease-causing organisms that are present on our hands. 

best hand sanitizer


These contain about 60-95% alcohol and can quash any kind of fungus, bacteria, and virus. The effect comes into action 30 seconds after applying to the hands. These have been suggested in the list of necessary medicines by the WHO. Important content is glycerol which makes them softer on the skin as compared to soaps as they prevent the skin from drying up.  

Choosing the Hand Sanitizers:

For the entire family:

Today hand sanitizers are a common view in every house that is used by all members of the family. As there are various chemicals and alcohol present in them, it is important to keep in mind the allergic conditions of the entire family and then make a purchase. Special care is taken towards children so that they do not swallow them or put them in their eyes mistakenly. Children must be assisted with while they are using them.

According to contents:

Any product that is being manufactured has to be as per the standards laid down by the competent authority. So is the case for advanced hand sanitizers as well. Manufacturing these as per the standards laid down by the WHO. The harmful organisms must be killed so that your hands remain disinfected. The alcohol-based sanitizers have main constituents as 96% ethanol, 3% hydrogen peroxide, and 98% glycerol or 99.8 % isopropyl alcohol instead of ethanol. Therefore, almost all the sanitizers contain the same primary constituent. The only difference is the various colors and fragrances using to make the product look attractive. The other contents are various foam generating agents. A little amount of sterile or distilled water, and some gelling agents.

best hand sanitizer


Skincare and sensitivity:

Generally,  advanced hand sanitizers that are alcohol-based tend to dry out the skin more whatever is the skin type. Therefore benzalkonium chloride-containing sanitizers must be considered as they are good for any skin type and do not cause dryness. Sanitizers containing glycerol are good for normal skin whereas Vitamin E containing sanitizers is effective on dry skin.


These hand sanitizers come in various ranges depending upon the contents, quantity, and brands. Depending upon your requirements these vary from INR 60 to 600 and are easily available at your nearest stores. You can choose to select the same as per your choice and necessity.

Above are the various aspects that will be helpful to you in choosing the right-hand sanitizer for you and your loved ones.

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Some of the Sanitizers to Buy:

Below listed are some hand sanitizers with complete details that you can pick and choose from: 

Purell Advanced Aloe Scent Hand Sanitizer:

It is one of the leading personal hygiene brands preferred majorly in medical institutions. It contains 70% ethyl alcohol, Vitamin E, aloe vera, and other moisturizers so that the skin remains hydrated. Its high content of alcohol is effective in killing 99.9% of germs.

best hand sanitizer


Germ-X Fresh Citrus Hand Sanitizer:

This 62 percent of ethyl alcohol-based sanitizer is very effective in killing microorganisms. It comes in a fresh citrus fragrance and a spillage-free container. The moisturizing ingredients allow the skin to remain hydrated.

best hand sanitizer


Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer:

One of the most trusted companies for personal hygiene in India is Dettol. The hand sanitizer presented by Dettol is efficient to kill 99.9% of germs and has been certified by the Indian Medical association. It comes in a perfect container that is easy to use, keeps it contamination-free and there is no spillage. It is non-sticky, rinse-free, and perfect to use for the entire family including children. There are different fragrance options available to choose from Overall, it is a value for money product.

best hand sanitizer


Sterillium hand sanitizer Blue Pack:

This is an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that is most common and widely used in medical institutions for the last 50 years. It is ready to use a product for surgical hand disinfection as it is very efficient in quashing microorganisms. This is very good for all skin types and does not cause any skin problems and it also keeps the skin hydrated. It is effective in controlling viruses, bacteria, and yeasts and has a lasting effect of 6 hours.

best hand sanitizer


Lifebuoy Immunity Boosting Sanitizer:

Lifebuoy is one of the most trusted personal hygiene brands in India. Its hand sanitizer is effective in killing almost 99.9% of germs. It has options available with different packaging like pocket friendly or a pump bottle and is a good product for the entire family.

best hand sanitizer


Tonymoly 62% Alcohol Aloe Chok Chok Hand Gel:

Tonymoly alcohol-based gel is effective in killing bacteria with soothing and healthy aloe water and witch hazel. It is non-sticky and does not leave your hands chapped. At the same time, it is effective in cleansing your hands. In case you wish to buy it, it is available in a pack of two as well.

best hand sanitizer



We know that washing hands is a simple way of keeping infections at bay. We must educate each one of us and especially our children on personal hygiene. Hand sanitizers are an essential product in today’s life and must be carried along with us wherever we go to be used by each one of us.  Stay connected with Healthclubfinder for more information regarding COVID-19. #stayhome #staysafe

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