The 9 Best Primer for Oily Skin For 2022: Satisfying Primers for Your Photo-Ready Skin

best primer for oily skin

Finding the best primer for oily skin is a great challenge. This is not just challenging, but if you can manage to find the best primer, you achieve the key to a game-changer. Usually, people who have the problem of oily skin face a lot of trouble than those who have dry skin. And that is why it is necessary to find the best primer for oily skin to prevent and avoid skin problems and especially losing their makeup.

Primers are usually used so that your makeup doesn’t slide down your face, ruining your perfect look. It helps your makeup to stay back firmly, which is adding glamour to your personality. And secondly, when you are applying makeup, there is a possibility that your skin may produce more oil and you can ruin your perfect and beautiful look which could turn out to be a mess.

When it comes to primers; maybe the primer you are using or looking for may not be made for your skin type. So for that, you need to find and research a lot to find the best primer for your oily skin. When you are searching for the best primer for your oily skin, keep in mind that you find the one; which does not add more oil to your skin and still manages to furnishes you with an appropriate proportion of moisture that can help you through the entire day, and can lay a perfect foundation or base for the application of the makeup.

Best Primer For Oily Skin 2022

New Year is on its way, so let us explore which primer can be the best primer for oily skin, 2022.

And we know that finding the best primer for oily skin is such a great challenge, here we are with perfect research we have done for you to select your ideal fit primer. Keep reading and find the best fit for your oily skin.

Smashbox Photo Finish Oil-Free Pore Minimizing Foundation Primer

best primer for oily skin


Makeup lovers always wait for prime pro “Smashbox” to release their new formula, and to our surprise, they pay a lot of attention to this release. Though this foundation makes your wallet light, this formula provides a blend of Vitamin E and Vitamin A with a mixture of Grape seed extract and green tea serum care, which is very beneficial for your skin. 

The best part of this primer is that it locks the pores and helps your skin to get rid of excess oil and still manages you to provide the right amount of moisture. And not giving moisture, it is also sweating and humidity-resistant for eight hours, which makes it comfortable for summer as well.

With these exclusive features blend in it, photo finish primer is the luxurious primer you can find in the fashion market and gives the best satisfaction investing in it. So, it’s considered the best primer for oily skin.

Benefit The PORE fessional Face Primer

best primer for oily skin


Benefit cosmetic brands have always been the best and trustworthy product when it comes to facial beauty. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that no good thing is achieved quickly, in the same way, this primer is worth its cost. 

The most attractive feature about this primer is, it instantly minimizes the surfacing of fine lines and pores and is an oil-free formula that helps your makeup stay for long-lasting hours. It has a Vitamin E blend in it that helps your skin with nourishment.

Even if you are not interested in applying any makeup, you are ready to rock with just the application of a PORE personal primer. Thus, considered the best primer for oily skin.

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

best primer for oily skin


Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer is not just an oil-resistant primer, but is ultimately mineral-based, water-resistant, and has SPF 15 in it. Now, this is what you can call a lottery! 

You get all the best features in it. Though this is a bit costly and can lighten your wallet, it is worth giving a try!

This matte and stain finish primer minimizes the pores, gives your face a smooth texture finish look, corrects the color by concealing the redness from the skin, and gives a soft finish look by the layering of fine lines and wrinkles. Thus, it will consider the best primer for oily skin.

What all do you need ladies?

M.A.C Prep + Prime Fix

best primer for oily skin


M.A.C primer for oily skin is available in four different shades that can easily set your skin tone.

Other than covering up your pores M.A.C smoothes, refreshes, and hydrates your skin nicely with every application on your face. 

It not just sets a perfect base for your makeup, but also, helps it stay for long hours of your busy day, where you want to look confidently flawless.

Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer

best primer for oily skin


Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer is an excellent option if you not have an interest in going for high-range primers. Lakme always stand-up to people’s expectations and so has this one. 

This oil-resistant primer for oily skin has proved its best quality, which is a blur formula; that lightens and brightens up the face, and gives a soft and smooth look with covering the pores, wrinkles, and blemishes.

So did you find this interesting? Ladies!

HUDA Beauty HB Primer Complexion

best primer for oily skin


Are you finding a primer that can set the base for all weather conditions, you must try this makeup primer by the celebrity makeup artist and designer Huda Kattan

You need to take a pea-sized amount and nicely blend it all over the face. Which will clear the fine lines and wrinkles, making the face canvas ready for concealer and foundation.

This professional beauty primer has the best formula of rosehip oil and dimethicone. Which is nourishing, ultra-hydrating, and antioxidant-rich which serves an all-day picture-perfect glow without too much shine. It is best for all those oily skin who are finding the best fit for them. Thus, it also considered the best primer for oily skin.

L’Oreal Base Magique Primer

best primer for oily skin


Tested and certified by dermatologists, this primer is best for oily skins and specially design and formulated to protect and hydrate your skin. 

L’Oreal covers the fine lines and wrinkles and reduces the pigmentation and the looks of pores, which gives you a fine, even, and smooth skin tone.

And like another primer even this helps your makeup to stay longer. So, it will consider the best primer for oily skin.

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Maybelline New York Dream One Day Perfect Base Primer

best primer for oily skin


This foundation base and primer help you absorb excess oil. Which is very helpful to keep your applied makeup fresh all day long. 

It has five times more hydrating formula. Which has high sebum absorbing formula and it does all this without obstructing your pores.

This is definitely a bit costly, but the best things come at a reasonable price, and so has this. You can give the base primer a try. Thus, considered the best primer for oily skin.

Pure Canvas Blurring: LAURA MERCIER

best primer for oily skin


Pure Canvas helps your skin with absorbing the oil and gives a matte finish throughout the day. It helps you cover and try to recover face oil and skincare

Glycerin and Squalane are two features that have been blend into this primer. Which is the best ingredient a primer must-have. 

This is an excellent primer that has no need for foundation or concealer after the application of this primer. It will consider the best primer for oily skin too.

Few Steps Need to Follow During the Application of Primer

best primer for oily skin


  • Before the application of primer, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist, for what kind of primer will suit your skin and face.
  • Make sure you have appropriately researched which one can be best.
  • Always wash your face before application of the primer.
  • You have very oily skin, try to apply a hydrating primer so that your oil procurement can be avoided.
  • And we would prefer to keep consulting your doctors to avoid any kind of rashes or redness on your confident face.

With this, we end the blog here. The year 2022, is on its way, find the best primer for oily skin for the year 2022. Let us welcome the year with full confidence and shine in your face with an oil-free and personality look. 

Make sure you keep consulting your beautician or doctor for proper treatment of oily skin. Preventing your skin from pigmentation and boils, which usually occur because of oily skin.

So if you could find this blog of best primer for oily skins beneficial, do share with all those ladies who are interested in primers, but are confused about which is the best fit for their skin. And let us start the new year 2022 with a confident and bright look.

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