Cleaning your Eyeglasses: Find the Best Ways to Clean Them

Having dirt gathered on our eyeglasses is one of the most common problems faced. If you do not have eyeglasses, you do not know how irritating this problem is. If we have dirt or grease on the surface of the glasses, it makes it difficult to see things. Today, we will give you the best way to clean eyeglasses to solve your problem.

Moreover, another worrying aspect is that if there is a presence of dirt for a longer amount of time, then headaches and strains near the eyesight can occur which is not good for our health. Today, we will be going to discuss the best ways to clean glasses. Using these best ways to clean eyeglasses, you will be able to clean the dirt on your glasses in under 30 seconds. 

If the glasses are not cleaned regularly, then it is noted that bacteria can grow on the surface. These bacteria then travel to your nose and eyes which will impose a risk to your health. Experts say that you must clean your glasses daily and include the task in your daily routine process. 

Everybody tolerates the blurry vision up to their capability, but experts suggest to clean the glasses daily and the frames weekly. Staph infections can occur if the glasses aren’t cleaned regularly, a study says. Nose pads as well as the clips near the ear were found to be the most infected areas.

Method to Clean Our Glass Lenses

best way to clean eyeglasses


If our glass lenses are clean, then we will be able to witness everything sharply and without losing our focus. Expert doctors say that the cleaning procedure should not take more than 20 seconds, given that the materials require available with you. If it takes more than the prescribed time, it might possible that you are overdoing the task. Let us get into the depth and know about the items that require for the cleaning procedure. 

Microfiber Cloth

best way to clean eyeglasses


Using the microfiber cloth will ensure proper cleaning of the glasses. Moreover, there will be fewer chances of scratches to be marked on your glasses if microfiber cloth is used in a proper way.

Solution Used for Cleaning

There are ready-made eyeglasses spray available which safe for the procedure of cleaning eyeglasses. Moreover, you can also use dish soaps that are lotion-free. 

The primary aim is to clean the glasses thoroughly without leaving any dirt back. Follow the steps mentioned to ensure proper cleaning.

  • First of all, wash your hands slowly and steadily, and ensure that no dirt is present on your hand. Doing so will make sure that while cleaning the glasses, no dirt transfers from your hand to your glasses.
  • Next, flow some lukewarm water into your glasses. This will make sure the dust that settles from the air is removed. Other substances that can damage the glasses by scratching also remove by this procedure. If the water in your area is not clean or contains hard substances, then it advises to use of distilled water for the process of cleaning. 
  • With the help of a microfiber cloth, wipe the glasses. 
  • Now, with the help of the cleaning solution, pour some drops on both sides of your glasses. You can do the same with the dish soaps. Pour drops on each side and rub them over the surface of the lens. Later, rinse the same with the usage of soap.
  • Shake your glasses so that the water doesn’t settle on. If you want that no water is settled on your glasses or no watermark is there, then you can make use of canner air or in general terms gas duster for the same. 

Method to Clean Our Glass Framers

best way to clean eyeglasses


There are various substances located in the frames such as screws or springs. These parts, due to daily usage, get dirty due to the accumulation of sweat and oils from the face. Experts suggest that this part is important yet many people neglect it. Experts say that the frame is in constant touch with our face and hence, it is vital for us to take proper care of it. There are chances of dermatological issues on your skin if you forget to clean your nose pads as well as the frame of your glasses. 

Follow the below-mentioned procedure to ensure proper cleaning of the frame takes place. 

  • First of all, take warm water and clean the surface of the frames by running the water through it. 
  • Next, take some light dish soap which is free of lotion, and apply the same gently over the frame using your fingertips. 
  • Now, wash the frames by running lukewarm water through them.
  • Rubbing alcohol along with towelettes prefer by many experts for cleaning nose pads as well as earpieces. 

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Avoid These Substances in the Cleaning

  • Paper towels and other substances such as tissues or the cloth of our daily wear might harm our glasses. Experts say that soft lens cloths must use for cleaning without causing any damage. People make these mistakes by using paper towels and other substances. 
  • People also use nail polish remover and other product which contains acetone to clean the glasses. Acetone proves too harmful to the spectacle glasses as well as frames and hence, should not prefer cleaning with the help of it. 
  • You should also, never clean your glasses with saliva. Your saliva contains innumerable germs and hence, if you think to clean the glasses with saliva when you are in hurry, it may be possible that the blurry vision is increased. 

This was all about the best ways to clean glasses. Cleaning glasses is an important aspect. We suggested here the best way to clean eyeglasses. We hope that this article helps you to know the importance of washing your glasses as well as frames regularly. There is no harm in cleaning them regularly and hence, we should always spare some time from the day for the procedure of cleaning.

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