Most Effective Drugs For Bipolar Disorder

In the world of suffering almost everyone is suffering from more or fewer health disorders and bipolar disorder is one such complication to look after and it is one kind of mental problem that basically surrounds a person with lots of depression and many people also suffers from suicidal thoughts and many other complications may also take place.

It can destroy the life, career, etc of the sufferer but luckily our medical technology has updated so much that there is rarely any health complication that cannot be treated so even this mental disorder can also be treated and treatment is the only way which can make life a bit better so here are few of the bipolar disorder treatment drugs that you can check out as well as try out:

Specifications of Treatments:

bipolar disorder treatment drugs


If you ever feel like you or any member of your family is suffering from bipolar disorder then the first step here is to see a physiatrist and you should consult about the symptoms and get checkups done. Being determined or knowing the disorder is very important here which you need not skip.

After consulting with a mental health specialist you would understand your current situation and so treatments can be decided on the basis of that.

Mainly there are two kinds of treatment process available one is talk therapy where you or the one who is suffering would go through some sort of consultation with a motivational speaker or with the specialist and in this way, the amount of depression would start decreasing and another most effective way is the drug treatment where the sufferer would be prescribed with several kinds of drugs which the person needs to follow and these drugs would help the person in combating with the tendency of depression arrival and tension.

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Bipolar Disorder Treatment Drugs

1. Lithium:

bipolar disorder treatment drugs


Lithium is also known by the name of Lithobid is said to be one of the most effective drugs which help in getting the mood stable. The use of this drug for a long time and it has given successful results to many patients with bipolar disorder.

This amazing drug also helps in controlling the signs of acute mania. That seems to be very advantageous in this situation. The recovery would be faster so here you would stop having frequent mood swings. Also, the frequency of depression would be less.

Although drugs do have some or other side effects which you have to tackle and weight gain is the most common issue that the user of this drug suffers from and digestive issues may also take place although with a good diet you can fight these side effects and you may not have this drug if you have kidney or thyroid issues.

2. Anticonvulsants:


This drug works as a great mood stabilizer. In the case of bipolar disorder experts often suggest or prescribe this drug to the sufferer. For a long time, this drug is doing wonders for the sufferer’s depression. Depakote, Lamictal, Depakene, etc seems to be the most effective drug in this case.

If you are having this drug for a time then you may suffer from a few side effects which cannot be eliminated. Drowsiness is one of them and you would always feel like sleeping. Even after having proper sleep you would feel like not having enough sleep.

Weight gain is another dangerous side effect which itself is very depressing to many people but nothing can be done. Control the side effects a bit by having proper exercise as well as diet. It is not recommended for soon-to-be mothers as it may cause birth defects and birth complications.

3. Antipsychotics:

bipolar disorder treatment drugs


It is another best option to go with if you are a sufferer of bipolar disorder. This drug may help you a lot and many experts even prescribe this drug to the patient. Zyprexa, Risperdal, Seroquel, etc are some of the best medicines that are in this drug range. It is available in the market widely.

Here you may feel that your mouth is getting dry way too often. You would also feel drowsy all the time after you have this drug on. Weight gain is the most common side effect of this drug which needs to be taken care of.

4. Antidepressants:

bipolar disorder treatment drugs


Pristiq, Effexor, yentreve are some common medicines that come under this drug range. These medicines are easily available in the market in any medical store. This medicine is very much helpful in controlling depression as well as mood swings. It may trigger manic episodes way too often. While you have this medicine on you should not have wine, cheese, etc. Your diet needs to have presided.

These were a few of the best drugs that work best in order to cure bipolar disorder and you can find more at Healthclubfinder.

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