Know About Some Of The Most Common Reasons Of Red Eyes

Bloodshot Eyes

Eyes are the most sensitive organ of our body and we take extra care of our eyes but some problems can trouble our eyes. Have you ever seen Bloodshot Eyes? Here you would be able to see blood like clots all over the eyes and that makes the eyes look red and bloody. 

Bloodshot Eye on One Side is very common nowadays and it looks equally terrible and it even calls some issues at the same time. There are so many reasons for getting such pathetic eye conditions and if you would not treat it well then you would also get other eye-related problems at the same time and it can even lead to eye blindness. 

Treatment is very important but before heading towards the treatment part, you would have to be sure about the complication and for that symptoms would help you out. Here are some of the common reasons for Red Itchy Eyes as well as their symptoms that you need to check out and accordingly you can get the treatment done at the same time:

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This is also known as pinkeye worldwide and this is very common so you don’t have to worry too much even if it takes place in your eyes. 

It is a kind of infection that takes place in your eyes and this invites irritation, swelling, and pain of conjunctiva. If you are not aware of the conjunctiva then it is the thin layer that covers the eyelid and it also protects the white part of our eyes. 

This irritates the blood vessel flowing in your eyes and that causes redness over the eyes and it also pains a bit and the itchy sensation is way too much in this case. Moreover, the whole eye appears pinkish and so it is also known as pinkeye.

Why Conjunctivitis Takes Place?

Most of the time this infection spreads through virus and mostly children get infected from other children and schools as well as, collages are common places to get such infection. 

This spreads if you would touch the contaminated person and would touch your eyes with that same finger without cleaning then and in this way virus spreads from one person to the other. 

Bloodshot Eyes


Sometimes people get the same kind of problem even by dust and in this case, dust causes irritation in the eyes and if you use the lens and don’t clean them for long then also this situation can take place and you need to be super careful about it.

Some of The Common Symptoms of Conductivities:

Itchy Eyes:

This is a very common thing in any kind of eye problem and even in this infection, you would feel like itching the interior of your eyes all the time. This is of course very irritating and it would not let you relax even for a while which is the worst part of this eye problem.

Most of The Time Takes Place in one Eye:

It would take place in your one eye and then eventually it would spread to the other eye and if you would be too careful about the infection then you can also avoid spreading it to the other eye.

Too much of Tear Production:

Your eyes would be teary and you would not be able to control it anyways and at the same time, it can also cause a blocked nose which is very irritating though it causes due to the tears that fall from the eyes all the time.

Redness in Your Eyes:

As the name of this infection suggest that your eyes would have pinkness rather redness all over and this is one of the main symptoms of this infection and here the inner corners of the eyes would appear redder.

Eye Discharges would be There:

Most of the time we get confused between eye discharge and teary eyes but in case of eye discharge the liquid falling from the eyes would be kind of sticky and in case of conjunctivitis, eye discharges would take place.

Poor Vision:

For the initial days when the infection would be at its peaks, you would face problems in your vision and so it is always advised to use some eye cleaners for that time.

Bloodshot Eyes


Poky Feeling in Your Eyes:

This is another very irritating feeling that takes place in the eyes due to this infection and here you would feel as if something is there in your eye that is poking you from inside and this takes place whenever you would close your eyes or roll your eyes a bit.

Corneal Ulcer:

This is something to be worried about and this is an infection that takes place on the cornea of the eyes and this takes place due to bacterial growth out there which is worse than ever. It happens if you ever been through an eye tumor or any type of eye damage in your life and it also takes place due to trauma so you need to be very careful with it.

Some of the Most Common Symptoms of Corneal Ulcer:

Mild Eye Discharge:

You might not have too much of discharge but there would be a tiny bit discharge throughout the time and this is not tears of course.

Red Eyes:

This is common in every eye-related problem so even in this case you would have to deal with red eyes.

The Pain would be There in Your Eyes:

This is something that can indicate that you have an eye ulcer and here you would have pain all over your eyes.

Your Eyes would Become Sensitive to Lights:

In this case, you would feel irritated whenever your eyes would be in contact with light.

Soreness in Your Eyes:

Your eyes would feel sore and this is one of the common symptoms of this eye issue and you should not ignore this at all.

Bloodshot Eyes


A White Spot in The Cornea of Your Eyes:

This is one such problem that takes place only in this case and here you would be able to see a white kind of spot in the cornea of your eyes.

Dry Eye Syndrome:

This happens to people who are unable to produce enough tears to keep the eye moist and so your eyes would get dry and would start appearing dry at the same time. 

Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome:

Burning Sensation:

Your eyes would feel as if there is chili inside them and your eyes would burn badly and the best way to sooth that is by splashing water into your eyes as that helps a lot.

Poking Sensation:

Here you would feel as if there is any foreign particle inside your eyes that is poking your from inside and this would irritate you throughout the time.

Pain Along with Redness in Your Eyes:

Here your eyes would turn red and along with that, you would also feel a severe pain into your eyes that lasts for a long time.

Bloodshot Eyes



Your eyes would itch a lot in this case of dry eyes and the situation can be avoided if you would get your hands on good Eye Drops For Red Eyes.

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These were some of the most common causes of Red Itchy Eyes and to know more about such things you can browse through Healthclubfinder.