Is Blue Cheese Nutrition Good for You? Let’s Explore Its Facts

Cheese has been perhaps the most utilized ingredient in different quick food sources and a significant number of us love it for its taste. It has different medical advantages and we as a whole realize that. In any case, Cheese is anything but a solitary assortment. There are different kinds of cheddar accessible on the lookout and one exceptional variety among them is the Blue Cheese. And let’s explore Blue cheese nutrition and its multiple benefits.

Blue cheese is one of the sorts of cheese and is mainstream for its various medical advantages as all other types of cheese available in the market. Particularly Blue cheese works wonder for patients with heart issues. In the event that you are a heart quiet, you should think about it. Aside from the advantages that it provides for the heart, there are numerous other Blue cheese medical advantages that you ought to know about as well.

What Is Blue Cheese?

blue cheese nutrition


Blue Cheese isn’t really blue in shading, it is in an off-white tone as numerous other Cheese. Be that as it may, there are blue-green shaded strikes on them framed because of the presence of microscopic organisms and shaped at the maturing cycle. 

Blue Cheese has a sharp smell and normal flavor. When you begin to taste, it is hard to stand up to. Blue Cheese is low in fat and calories however loaded with supplements that are extremely essential for our body. This sort of Cheese is for the most part utilized for dressing and fixings of the different dishes.

As the name recommends, blue cheese is a blue-green hued shape cheese. The blue molds present in the veins of cheese are a direct result of the presence of microscopic organisms that begin maturing, along these lines bestowing the cheese its trademark blue shade. 

There are different sorts of blue cheddar, similar to Roquefort, Danablu, Gorgonzola, and Blue Stilton. It is low in calories and is loaded with different supplements that are fundamental for our body.

Blue Cheese Nutrition: The Facts

blue cheese nutrition


  • There are various assortments that make up the blue cheese group. It is an overall term used to portray cheeses made from cow’s, goat’s, and sheep’s milk that have distinctive blue, dim or green veins of mold going through them.
  • These veins are what make the exceptional taste and smell that makes blue cheese so attractive or so offensive — relying upon your specific taste. These veins are made by the way toward adding microbes societies of the Penicillin assortment to the cheese, either through infusion before the curds have shaped or by blending them in after the curd advancement.
  • Most regularly the microscopic organism culture in blue cheeses is Penicillium roqueforti. It has been portrayed as “little chemical production lines that make the particular flavor, fragrance, and presence of blue cheeses” by the Cheese Science Toolbox.
  • This type of shape is inconceivably not the same as the form that may develop on a touch of failed to remember bread, since it doesn’t create mycotoxins. These are normally happening synthetic compounds found in specific molds, and they can cause gastrointestinal issues, weaken the immune system, harm the kidneys, and conceivably even reason disease because of their cancer-causing properties.
  • Luckily, the shape veins in blue cheese produce no mycotoxins, because of cautious handling as the cheese is made, so blue cheese is totally safe for consumption.

More explicit blue cheese nutrition:

– Danish blue cheese nutrition: 

Protein: 20.5 grams
Fat: 28.9 grams
Soaked fat: 19.1 grams
Sodium: 1,220 milligrams
Calcium: 488 milligrams

– Roquefort blue cheese nutrition:

Protein: 19.7 grams
Fat: 32.9 grams
Soaked fat: 20.7 grams
Sodium: 1,670 milligrams
Calcium: 530 milligrams

Blue Cheese Health Benefits

blue cheese nutrition


Heart Health: 

Expansion of blue cheese in your eating regimen may help in bringing down the danger of cardiovascular infections. Studies have demonstrated that individuals who devour blue cheese consistently have a lower danger of contracting cardiovascular infections than their partners who don’t burn through it. Blue cheese additionally helps in bringing down cholesterol levels and forestalls supply route irritation and blood clotting in veins or corridors. 

Battles Joint Inflammation: 

As we begin maturing, more medical problems are capable by us, joint inflammation is one of them. Blue cheese has mitigating properties that help in lessening joint aggravation and alleviate joint inflammation torment. Expansion of blue cheese in your eating regimen plan brings down the danger of joint pain and furthermore helps in battling it.

Forestalls Osteoporosis: 

Osteoporosis is a condition when bones become so feeble that they may in general break-even by a mellow fall. It is more normal in women than men. Blue cheese is an excellent wellspring of calcium that is significant for bone health. One ounce of blue cheddar has around 150 milligrams of calcium. In this way, the utilization of blue cheese makes your bones solid and helps in forestalling sicknesses like osteoporosis. 

Upgrades Memory: 

Supplements present in blue cheese help in upgrading memory and battle memory issues. The utilization of blue cheese improves synapse working. So begin adding blue cheese to your children’s eating regimen to improve his memory! 

Wellspring Of Phosphorus: 

Blue cheese is an awesome wellspring of phosphorus. This mineral is vital for sound bones and teeth. Insufficiency of phosphorus can prompt related to born issues like rickets. Aside from sound bones and teeth, phosphorous additionally performs numerous imperative capacities in the body. 

Milk Protein: 

Blue cheese contains milk protein, so the individuals who can’t drink milk straightforwardly because of lactose narrow mindedness can go for blue cheese to get the necessary protein. 

Dental Health: 

One of the less-discussed advantages of blue cheese. Blue cheese is dentally amicable. The presence of a decent measure of calcium makes it useful for your teeth. The utilization of blue cheddar helps in forestalling and battling plaque and tooth rot. 

Boosts Immune System: 

Studies have indicated that blue cheese utilization supports the immune system. Blue cheese can give various fundamental nutrients and minerals, including nutrient A, nutrient D, potassium, sodium, and zinc. As such, it assumes a significant part in forestalling infections by giving us a solid safe framework. 


Blue cheese has the counter cellulite property. In this way, it keeps fats from amassing as cellulitis. 


Inflammation is a significant issue tormenting a large portion of us today, and whenever disregarded, can turn genuine and even lethal. Blue cheese has got calming properties. In this way, it helps in battling different incendiary issues in our bodies. Thus, remember blue cheese for your eating regimen today and bid farewell to aggravation!

Blue Cheese Health Risks

blue cheese nutrition


Despite the fact that the utilization of blue cheese offers different medical advantages for the body, it actually has some health hazards when taken in greater parts. Hardly any such Blue cheese health chances are recorded underneath just to encourage you to try not to eat it in enormous sums. 

High Blood Pressure

Blue cheese contains 391mg of sodium per ounce which prompts high blood pressure. A grown-up ought not to devour the eating regimen containing in excess of 2,300 mg of sodium every day. A diet wealthy in sodium makes it hard for controlling the circulatory strain. 

Aside from cheese, other dairy items like milk and yogurt and a great decision for controlling the pulse as they are low in sodium and wealthy in potassium. Thus, take just a limited quantity of blue cheese in a day to get its medical advantages. 

High in Fat and Cholesterol 

One ounce of blue cheese contains 100 calories and this is one of the greatest disadvantages of blue cheese. In spite of the fact that you think 100 calories is certainly not an issue, in the event that you will in general burn through more than one little serving, you are unquestionably devouring more calories. 

A serving of blue cheese likewise contains 8.2 grams of fat that incorporate 5.3 grams of immersed fat. It makes very nearly one-fourth of the greatest immersed fat that one ought to devour in their 2000 calorie diet. This an unsafe fat that antagonistically impacts your cholesterol levels and heart health. 

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Prompts Weight Gain 

Eating beyond what the expected measure of blue cheese can prompt weight an to acquire in the individuals. There are 99 calories in a single ounce of blue cheese that implies it is wealthy in calorific thickness. However, cheeses that are without fat would be the preferable choice for weight power over the blue cheese. 

There are not many blue cheese results that one ought to know about. However, you can in any case get the Blue cheese medical advantages, in the event that you take the blue cheese in the restricted amounts as much else can give you antagonistic impacts and we as a whole realize that.

Is Blue Cheese Nutrition Good for You or Not?

Blue cheese’s health advantages come from the nutrients and minerals in it — and in any kind of cheeses — however, you should likewise consider the fat and salt substance. Cheeses, for example, blue Stilton and Roquefort may contain key nutrients, yet that is not the whole picture. 

As though you know about the dietary benefit of blue cheese, consider eating it in the expected amount to get its medical advantages.

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