The Throughout Procedure Of The Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery

A woman is incomplete without her famine assets and breast has to be one of them. Though we believe that every breast size is beautiful and doesn’t need to be plumped or reduced but some women may feel uncomfortable about the size of their breast. Most of the time small breast size can be tricked to make them look bigger but there is no way to make the big breast look smaller other than surgery. 

Breast Reduction surgery goes on just like any other surgeries but there are some special procedures and there are some rules as well. You would have to extra careful if you are getting your breast reduction surgery done so that nothing could go wrong in the process. First, you need to be determined whether you want to reduce the size of your breast or not. 

Many times it has been seen that women get manipulated by others and go for the process and after everything, they wish to get the previous size back. Don’t fall into other’s comments about your assets, after all, it is your beauty and it is you who should be taking all the decisions. 

Breast Reduction Surgery


Try workout before you decide about the reduction process as sometimes breast appears larger due to surrounding body fat so if you would be able to reduce that then your breast may appear leaner. If you are determined about your decision then you can visit a good surgeon and get started with the procedure. Here are a few things that you might want to know about Breast Reduction Surgery:

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Anesthesia Would Save You From The Pain

You have to accept the fact that the procedure would be painful and no one can bear that pain as it is so here anesthesia would be your savior. Anesthesia would help you to fell asleep during the procedure so you would not be aware of the pain though you would feel pain once the effect of the medicine would reduce. 

There are so many varieties of anesthesia and the doses also vary from person to person. You would have to open up your health history so that your surgeon can get the best anesthesia for you and this is very important because anesthesia does react on your body. Your surgeon may use single anesthesia or a combination of medicine for your body and all these things would depend upon your body conditions. 

You may have to face trouble if you have any existing health complications because not all anesthesias suit every health condition.

Incisions Have to be Done

The incision is the cut mark that is done before proceeding with any surgery and in case of breast surgery also you would have to go through incisions. The incision pattern and everything would depend upon your condition, size of your breast, the situation of your nipples and fat around that area. Both the decision of the patient as well as, the surgeon would matter in this case and after all the discussion a final decision would be made. 

There are different patterns of incision in this type of surgery and you would be suggested the best according to your present condition. Here are the incisions mentioned below that you can check out for a better understanding:

Breast Reduction Surgery


Micro Incision Pattern

Now there are different reasons for breast size increase and if the reason in your case in excessive body fat then you would have to go through liposuction. This process simply means to cut off the surrounding fat to make your breast appear firm and lean instantly. In this case, the cut for the incision would be tiny and through that, the liposuction cannula would enter in and meltdown the surrounding fat. This seems to be the easiest among all and this procedure is also counted as the safest one as well which has to be a great thing.

The Donut Incision

Here the cut would make surrounding the peri areola of your breast and this cut would be quite deep and intense as compared to other incisions.

The Lollipop Incision

This incision pattern is also very commonly known as the keyhole incision and the reason behind the name is the shape of the incision. Here the incision cut would exactly look like a key or a lollipop and that would surround the areola of your breast.

The Anchor Incision

This is still the oldest yet most common incision pattern in the case of breast reduction surgery. This is not suggested to diabetic patients and the cuts would be more in this case and this gives the surgeon the authority to work on the process freely. This process would, however, take more time and would take time for the recovery as well so you have to be extra careful if you are going through this process.

The Reshaping of Your Breast

The reduction is not enough for a lean breast as after the reduction your breast would look like a crumbled piece of cloth so in this case reshaping is the key. Here not only the excess tissues would be removed but at the same time your breast would be pumped to appear fuller and the position of nipple would also be taken care of. 

Breast Reduction Surgery


The Closure of Incision

This is the last step of the procedure and here the cut open mark of your break would be closed and this would help in tightening your breast. After this, you would be able to feel your desired sized breast which is a great feeling for any woman.

The after surgery time is the toughest as you would have to very careful during that time and that is the reason you would have to follow a very healthy lifestyle so that the recovery could be faster. You would have to keep the area clean to avoid any kind of infection and you would also have clean that area regularly.

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These were everything that you might want to know before deciding about a Breast Reduction Surgery and to know more about such things you can check out Healthclubfinder.