Broken Nose: What To Expect After The Injury And Can It Heal on Its Own?

A broken nose leads to some complications according to how it happened. A simple break won’t cause major damage and the patient’s recovery time is minimal. However, severe breaks require surgery. Reviewing what to expect after an injury and determining if it could heal on its own directs patients after sustaining a broken nose.

What Are The Signs Of a Broken Nose?

Broken Nose


The signs of a broken nose start with pain and tenderness if the patient touches their nose. Swelling, bleeding and bruising happen, too. The patient develops bruises around their eyes and along the sides of their nose if it is broken. The nose could be misshapen or crooked according to how severely it is broken. Patients experience difficulty breathing and a mucus discharge drains from the nose. The patient might experience severe headaches the higher up the break is.

The doctor completes a physical examination and takes x-ray images. The findings determine if the patient’s nose is broken and if the individual needs surgical correction. Patients can get help at Carolina Facial Plastics to repair their broken nose.

How To Treat a Broken Nose At Home

Broken Nose


It is possible to treat a simple break at home if it isn’t emergent. The individual places an ice pack on their nose for at least 15 minutes to manage the swelling. If it is bleeding, the patient needs to stop the bleeding first. If they are experiencing pain, the individual can take over-the-counter pain medications as directed. The patient can take nasal decongestants to keep the nasal pathways clear and make it easier to breathe.

Doctors recommend elevating their head as it controls swelling and makes the patient more comfortable. Patients with adjustable beds need to adjust it to an almost seated position to keep the head elevated.

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When Is It Necessary To See Your Doctor?

Broken Nose


It is necessary to go see a doctor when there is pain or swelling that exceeds three days. If the nose is misshapen, they will need a doctor to correct it. If they don’t, it will cause a deformity that affects their nasal passages and prevent them from breathing properly. Patients that experience any light-headedness, dizziness, or lose consciousness need emergency care. Any fever, severe nosebleeds, or if they can’t breathe through their nose at all.

Patients with more severe symptoms such as persistent vomiting, clear discharge from their nose, neck pain, or any weakness in their arms need to go to the emergency room immediately. Broken noses could be shoved into the brain and cause a traumatic brain injury. It is vital for the patient to seek emergency care to rule out a brain injury or other emergency situations.

Doctors provide pain medications for pain and discomfort. The patients should tell their doctor if an infection develops, too. If the patient requires surgery, the doctor refers them to a cosmetic surgeon to correct the structure of the nose. The surgeon explains all after-care instructions and any risks associated with the surgery.

A broken nose is quite painful and requires significant recovery time. If the break is not complicated or causes the nose to become misshapen, the patient can treat it at home and avoid extra medical costs. However, if severe symptoms emerge or if the nose is crooked, the patient needs to visit a doctor. Reviewing what to expect from the injury and how it heals defines if the patient needs to go to the ER or not.

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