Why You Can’t Hear Out Of One Ear?

can’t hear out of one ear

Well, ear complications are quite common and the final result is deafness and often people suffer from deafness and sometimes the condition proves to be temporary while most of the time the condition stays on for the lifetime. There are many reasons for deafness in a person and you would be amazed to know that sometimes the complication can make you deaf from one side completely.

You much be wondering why you can’t hear out of one ear then here are some of the most common caused which basically causes deafness to one year which you need to check out:

Sinus Problem

can’t hear out of one ear

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It is one of the most common and sometimes painful causes of hearing problem and due to sinus you may suffer hearing loss from either sides of your head and at times the problem can be same for both the ears.

Hearing loss is not the only thing that sinus brings out but it also invites unbearable headaches and at times you would also suffer from nasal congestion as well which seems to be even more painful but the fortunate thing is that the condition goes away after a while and soon you would also be able to hear as well and the problem all the mentioned problem usually goes away when sinus starts fading away.

Ear Infection

can’t hear out of one ear

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Infection usually takes place in one ear so only one side would be affected and hence the hearing loss also happens with only one year. Ear infections are common and there are many types of ear infections which takes place due to different reasons. Ear infections are unpredictable as at times they go away soon without causing any such complications but at times a simple ear infection can be deadly or can cause hearing loss forever.

Children are more likely to suffer from such infections and usually they cause due to water as well as moist and at times infections fill in the ear with fluids resulting in temporary hearing loss but as soon as the infection starts drying the hearing problem as well as pain would also go away.

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Ear Waxes Build Up

can’t hear out of one ear

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This is definitely a temporary issue of deafness which basically takes many days to happen but once deafness occurs the situation again normalizes after a while. This is most common issue which takes place in almost everyone’s life in one or the other point of life. Our ear have a system which develops ear wax and it automatically cleans it up as well but it is our responsibility to dug out the waste once in a while and if we would not do that then the ear wax would get excess and would literally block the paths causing temporary deafness.

If you feel heavy in your ear then consider cleaning your ears and then after a while you would again be able to hear as usual but make sure you do not create too much pressure out there as that can be dangerous for your ear and can result into a serious issue. You can look out for home remedies for ear pain.

Symptoms Of Hearing Loss

Sudden Hearing Loss

can’t hear out of one ear

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Here you may suddenly be unable to hear anything clearly rather you may also feel a ringing sounding going on in your hear but in reality there is nothing like that.

This can take place in both the ears and at times the problem can target just one ear of yours and there is no such surety of whether the condition is temporary or is a lifetime complication. If the deafness is not going away in 10 to 15 minutes then you should definitely go to a good doctor.

Hearing Problem With Ear Pain

can’t hear out of one ear

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This symptom is common when ear infection takes place so it can be said that the problem is also cause due to ear infection and in this case you would not only suffer from temporary deafness but would also have to bear pain and at times fluid would come out of the ear and this mainly happens in one ear at a time.

Treatments Of Hearing Loss

can’t hear out of one ear

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Treatment of hearing problem depends upon the cause of the problem and if the cause would be minimized then the problem also tends to go away with it but in case if the problem is forever then there are surgeries which would help in curing the deafness and also there are many hearing aids in the market which helps a lot in case of deafness.

These were few of the reason that why you can’t hear out of one ear and also you can find more such interesting information at Healthclubfinder.