Can’t Hear Out of One Ear? Causes and Treatment

I can’t hear out of one ear; the problem suggests a sudden feat with no proper reason to date called Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss(SSHL). Apart from its medical terminology, it is familiar with ‘sudden deafness.’ A person who suffers from this problem and can’t hear out of one ear may quickly lose the auditory sense. It might snatch the ability to listen to with one ear all of a sudden or gradually within some days. 

‘I can’t hear out of one ear,’ sometimes people on waking up in the morning suddenly feel a blockage in one ear. At that time, they couldn’t understand even could hardly have imagined that they have lost the capacity to hear with one ear. Some people feel the inability while talking on phones. They may have received some signal before the disappearance of the ability.

Generally, the public fails to realize the significance of this sudden loss. People thought they had allergies, infections due to sinus, earwax, or cold so that they couldn’t hear out of one ear. But they should not neglect this loss and go to a physician for instant treatment.

The reason is that if you don’t consult a doctor fast, the chances of your recovery will lower down. Therefore, whenever you feel you can’t hear out of one ear, get it treated quickly to recover your organ’s partial working capacity, if not full. 

According to a survey, this sudden deafness attacks sixteen people among 5,000 per year. But the exact number of sudden deafness might be more than that as many cases don’t have a clinical diagnosis. Although there is no age limit of its attack according to the trends, it strikes people aged 40 to 50. 

The Reasons for Can’t Hear Out Of One Ear

can’t hear out of one ear


Why I can’t hear out of one ear; well, in maximum cases, the reasons are unidentifiable. But it is confirmed that if you have any medical issue that might cause sudden deafness. The specific cause behind SSHL can be pointed out only for 10% of cases. Let’s discuss some reasons that can be responsible for sudden deafness:


Age is such a factor that naturally affects the sensory organs. Therefore, due to age, one ear may stop functioning. People may find their one ear fails to hear appropriately. In such a condition, you need to protect yourself so that you could defend your listening capacity. You need to go for a check, and you can take the help of machines. Yes, some devices can help you to listen properly. You need to wear it if you have an ear problem

Cold and Fungal Infections

Sometimes, we face ear blockage due to cold. Colds usually interrupt the respiratory process, which causes pressure in the auditory tubes—this imbalance of pressure causes the loss of air balance in the ears.

The tubes known as Eustachian tubes also help to clear the liquid cough from the auditory sense organs. But when they failed to work and blocked fluid starts affecting your ears, infection builds up that may lead to sudden deafness. Another kind of fungal infection or sinus can cause SSHL

Earwax Development

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Often, people forget to clean their ears regularly. So, wax developed, and people can’t hear out of one ear. It may be an obstacle for anyone to hear appropriately. Noise may appear less clear to them than earlier. Well, in that case, you need to clear the wax with a bud to restore hearing. But if wax build-up for a long time, you have to clean it with different tools to get relief.

Outside Elements Create Nuisance

If water or any other liquid inserted in the ear may cause a hearing problem. Sometimes in callousness, people insert hard objects also into the ear. If these objects got stuck, your ears can’t function properly.

Insertion of water can be taken care of at home, and after some time, your natural hearing will be retrieved. But in the case of other hard objects, you should take clinical help to protect your ears from further damage. 

Sudden Problems to Hear Clearly

Suddenly, without any proper reason, one may face difficulties to hear appropriately. This could end up in the loss of hearing in one ear. People who can’t hear appropriately with one ear 1% among them suddenly start to have the problem. The loss of hearing grasps them very quickly. So, this sudden loss of hearing can be sustained if neglected.

Damage at Eardrum

If any infection damage eardrum, then people may have a loss of hearing. In this case, hearing capacity can be regained after the eardrum gets rid of the infection completely. Now, the question is, how will you know that loss of hearing is due to a ruptured eardrum? You will get some indications like:

  • People who have a ruptured eardrum may suddenly lose their hearing sense of one ear. They may hear noise quieter than before.
  • Ears may have severe pain.
  • You may face some irritation in-ear like itching.
  • Sudden liquid secretion from ear
  • High fever
  • Buzzing sounds inside the ear 

The symptoms mentioned above may take place due to:

  • Fungal infection
  • Any damage in the eardrum for pricking with any sharp object, or any hard blow 
  • Fluctuation of pressure
  • The sudden sound of hard music or noise of explosives

If you can’t hear out of one ear due to damage to the eardrum, you need to consult a doctor. The doctor may confirm you, and after treatment, you will get back your hearing capacity after some weeks. But if the injury is severe, then you might go for an operation for complete healing. 

Can’t Hear Out of One Ear? Some General Hearing Loss Symptoms

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It’s not easy to understand that which complications in the ear may lead to loss of hearing. Here we will talk about some indications:

Buzzing or Ringing in One Ear

Sometimes, in case of sudden deafness, some buzzing or ringing may happen inside your ear. This ringing or buzzing sound is called tinnitus. The reason for tinnitus is still not particular. The theories available on this suggest that if the nerves of the ears get injured, brain cells try to control it.

But the brain perhaps shows more activeness that the ear can’t absorb. Therefore, these kinds of sounds start forming within the ear. Not only the damage of nerves, but tinnitus may occur for multiple reasons like problematic snoring, any ear infection, head injuries, and so on. Having the help of hearing tools may help in treating tinnitus. Digital hearing aids that are rechargeable have features that help you hear better even when you have tinnitus at the same frequency as your hearing loss

Problem to Hear High-pitch Voices

Usually, the voices of women and babies are louder than men. And if anyone is facing problems in hearing these high-pitched voices clearly, then he/she has loss of hearing. This is known as presbycusis. This difficulty develops with age.

How can one identify they have presbycusis? When you can’t hear a voice clearly in a situation where others don’t have any difficulty listening, it is an indication of the problem. You will lose hearing ability more and more as time passes. In this case, also doctors may recommend ear-machines to clear audibility. 

Issues to Hear Middle-tonal Sounds

In some hear-loss cases, patients can hear high and low sounds but face problems recognizing middle-toned voices. This problem is known as a cookie bite hearing loss. Patients are not diagnosed with symptoms that are more inherited than age-related. Cookie bite hearing loss is a special kind of disorder; therefore, it needs mainly designed tools to restore hearing.

Sudden Pressure in Ear with Unsteadiness

If you feel sudden pressure within one ear along with instability, it can be an indication of hearing loss. These are parts of Meniere’s disorder, and it can damage both of your ears. As the signals are not trifle, you need to visit a medical practitioner immediately.

The proper reason for this disease is still going through research, but colds, fungal infections, and family genes may be responsible. If you take some measures, it can prevent you from having Meniere’s disorder. Don’t intake an extreme amount of iodine. It will help not generating any pressure in-ear the. This type of infection sometimes requires surgery to be cured. 

Sounds Appear Louder than They Should

If you suddenly hear noises louder than other times, this could be hearing disorder symptoms. It is familiar as listening recruitment may lead to loss of hearing. Over-active nerves are responsible for this kind of strange noise concept like tinnitus. In this case, also a patient has to take the help of hearing tools. 

Can’t Hear Out of One Ear? How to Identify Loss of Hearing?

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As we have mentioned earlier, if you find difficulty getting sounds with anyone’s ear, don’t neglect. As per the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) survey, 10 to 15% of patients with sudden deafness have valid reasons for mal-functioning an auditory sense organ. Therefore, anyone who faces difficulty in hearing needs to visit a medical practitioner as early as possible.

The medical practitioner will diagnose your symptoms according to your health history. He will check your ears properly and suggest medication.

If the physician can’t find out the proper reason after a physical examination, then he might recommend some tests to confirm the basis of your sudden deafness. These tests make it easy for the physician to understand your ear’s exact complication; after the trial, the doctor can treat you properly.

Treatment of One Ear Hearing-loss

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If you detect any difficulty in hearing or having the symptoms discussed above, then you should not waste time. You need to fix an appointment with a specialist and ask him why I can’t hear out of one ear and get your problems diagnosed. As per your ear’s condition, the doctor will treat you. A wide range of hearing tools is there to restore your hearing capacity.

In maximum cases, the disorders are completely curable with only medications. In some cases, surgery may be required to cure your problem. But if the loss of auditory sense seems permanent for any patient, they have to use machines to listen to sounds.

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Online Auditory-sense Check

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In case you are having some difficulty in listening, but you don’t have time to visit a doctor, then go for an online diagnosis. It will help you to know whether it is your sudden deafness or some other disorder. The check didn’t need any money and performed in minimum time. Most important, you don’t need to wait for the results; it will be shown then and there.


So far, we have discussed a sudden loss of hearing in one ear. We also highlight the causes, diagnosis, and prevention. Nevertheless, remember that sudden deafness can be treated and cured if diagnosed at the proper time.  So, don’t neglect if you are having any hearing-related difficulty or can’t hear out of one ear.

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