All You Need To Know About Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular Disease

Staying healthy is a task nowadays and it is so disturbing to know that due to the pollution level and unhealthy lifestyle people of a present generation tend to suffer more whereas people from a few years back tend to stay comparatively healthy.

While we count on the complication that most of the people suffer from we eventually come across cardiovascular disease and the worst part is that even kids can suffer from such health complications. The range of heart as well as, Blood Vessel-Related Issues are often termed as Cardiovascular Disease and as cardio means, heart and vascular is commonly known as a blood vessel.

You would be shocked to know that it has proved to be the major reasons of death in many countries and this happens because people are not aware of it and often they fail to recognize the symptoms so the treatment gets delayed. If you are wondering about cardiovascular complication then here is everything that you need to know about this heart complication.

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Types of Cardiovascular or Heart Complication

Cardiovascular Disease


Coronary Artery Issues

This is a serious problem that can affect the heart health and here your artery or you can say that the blood vessels of your body would be damaged so blood as well as, oxygen would not be pumped to your heart and body properly.

High Blood Pressure

This is one of the most common issues that people suffer from and here the condition takes place when the flow of the blood starts creating pressure against artery wall of your body and other complication can also arrive in this case.

Cardiac Arrest

This is deadly and if the sufferer would not be able to get immediate treatment then life loss can take place and this happens when the heart stops functioning and the sufferer would not even be able to breathe properly and would also lose consciousness.

Congestive Heart Failure

We all know that our heart pumps blood and that is how our body functions but when the heart suddenly stops pumping blood then the condition is often termed as congestive heart failure and it is deadly as well.


This complication is related to heartbeats and the one who is suffering from this problem would either have a too fast heartbeat or he/she would have a slow heartbeat and sadly both the conditions are bad for our heart.

Peripheral Artery Disease

We all know that blood flows through the artery to reach out to limbs but the sufferer of this complication would often have reduced flow of the blood and so they would develop many Heart-Related Complications.


Nowhere more than heart, one’s brain can get damaged and it is a sudden situation when the heart fails to pump blood and so brain lacks in blood as well as oxygen and store takes place.

Symptoms of Cardiovascular Issues

Cardiovascular Disease


Pain in Chest

This is one of the most common symptoms of heart or blood vessel-related complication and here you would be able to sense severe pain which is often unbearable and you may need medical attention immediately to get rid of this pain.

Pain in General

Apart from chest pain, you may also feel pain in the left shoulder or in the elbow and sometimes you back as well as your jaw can also hurt and until you would seek medical help, this problem would continue to make you sufferer and most people fail to recognize the issue in case of this symptom.


This condition may come and go but would always return until you would get proper treatment of your heart or blood vessel-related problem. Here even after trying so hard, you would not be able to breathe in properly and this is very uncomfortable.


This again one of the most common problems in case of cardiovascular disease and here you would feel sick all the time and the problem would increase if you would cross certain height and you may also feel like vomiting in this case and being tired is something very common here.

Cold Sweat

This is a very confusing state of the body as here you would be sweaty and at the same time you would feel cold as well and this is also an indication of a heart attack so if you are sweating and feeling cold at the same time then you need to rush to a nearby hospital.

Causes of Cardiovascular Problems

Cardiovascular Disease


Drinking Alcohol Way too much

Alcohol is not that good for our health and it has a lot of side effects as well and if you would end up having too much alcohol then your heart may even stop functioning and you can even get permanent heart diseases in this way.


If you would stress way too much then automatically your brain would lack in proper rest and you can start developing artery as well as heart-related issues and you can even end up with other complications as well.

Medicine Reaction

Now if you are already suffering from some health issue then it is quite common that you would have medicine but some medicines in the long go can make you a sufferer of cardiovascular disease.


A person who is too lazy to get up and move their body much can actually suffer from obesity which would develop fat in the body. Fat can eventually lead to heart as well as blood vessel-related issues in your body.

Other Physical Issues

There are some health complications as well that can lead to cardiovascular issues in the long run. A person who has already developed cholesterol or diabetes or thyroid can actually be a sufferer of heart diseases as well.

How you can Prevent Cardiovascular Issues?

Cardiovascular Disease



Do not Stress too much

Stress can prove to be really harmful to your health and it is always advised to control stress as much as you can do and to do so you can start meditation or you can also go with yoga as it would relax your body and mind so you would be able to distress yourself.

Do not Drink or Smoke Way too much

Alcoholic drinks, as well as cigarettes, are not at all good for your body and so they can actually call many health complications so it is always a good idea to avoid those bad habits and in this way, you would be able to live a healthy life.

Do not Rely on Medicines for a Long Time

If you would continue eating a particular medicine for a very long period of time then it can actually affect your heart and it can also weaken your heart because at the end medicine is also a chemical composition.

Eat Healthily and Live Healthily

Now if you would eat healthily then you would not get any such health complications so it is always better to live healthy by eating healthy food.

Fortunately, there are treatments available for cardiovascular diseases so you can always get medical help and so the problem can also get cured completely.

Cardiovascular Disease


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