Causes And Symptoms Of Genetic Disorders

causes of genetic disorder

There many reasons of falling sick and suffering from a medical condition and genetics are one of the cause that has affected many people life rather has ruined many life. Genetic issues are those issues that we carry from our DNA and the problem is a stage of probabilities and there are 90 percent chances that if any of your parent or grandparent suffered from any such complication then you may also suffer from such problems but there are 10 percent lucky people who successfully skip the condition though the reason is not known in any ways.

There are different types of genetic disorders and here are some of the types, symptoms as well as causes of such genetic disorders:

Down Syndrome:

causes of genetic disorder

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This is said to be involved with 21 disorders in the body which affects the mental health of the child so the child or the sufferer would not have mental or brain development in a way that an ordinary child undergoes. This problem not only makes a life miserable but would also make the sufferer go through a lot.

The main cause of this complication is that the sufferer would get extra exact copy of the chromosome 21 among all the 23 chromosomes and a normal person gets a pair of copies of all the chromosomes but in the case of the sufferer the number of chromosome 21 would be three instead of two.

Some of the most common symptoms of this complication that you should not actually avoid are that you would be able to notice that the child is having trouble in talking rather the child would start talking much later than any other normal child. Mainly the development of a child gets delayed in this genetic disorder and the only way to treat is my taking extra care to understand things and you can also get speech therapy, physical therapy etc to the child in order to balance out the situation.

Cystic Fibrosis:

causes of genetic disorder

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This is a very dangerous disorder that people carry in their genes and this disorder slowly destructs the digestive system as well as the lungs. This disorder can take life and there are very few survivor of this complication although treatment is possible but as said it is a genetic disorder so it won’t be entirely cured.

The movement of salt in the body is been regulated by a protein but in this complication many changes takes place in the protein which is the actual cause of lungs as well as digestive disorder in sufferer and too much of salt also comes out from the body in the form of sweat.

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The common symptoms of this complication are that the sufferer may feel a burning kind or sensation in the chest and at times the sufferer can also feel pain in the lower abdominal area of the body. Severe cough and at times blood may also come out of cough and bowel complications are also common in this genetic disorder.

Medications as well as self care are two most effecting treatment processes that would keep the sufferer well for a long period of time and you can also take help from medicines as well.

Huntington’s Disease:

causes of genetic disorder

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In this genetic disorder the nerve cell that is present in the brain tends to break down with every passing time. This disease shows up complications as well as symptoms slowly as people grows up and this problem may make certain changes in life and the thinking pattern of a person may change if the person is suffering from this genetic complication.

The very main cause of this complication is that the sufferer gets it by inherited defect which takes place in the single gene so it can be from either side of your parents. For getting this complication only one defected cell is enough and it is often said that opposite sex gives the defected gene in the body so in case of a boy the defected gene comes from the mother’s side and in case of a girl the gene comes from the father’s side.

The most common three symptoms of this disorder is behavioural where you would be able to see that the person behaves differently and would also react different in almost every situation. Muscular problems such as a continuous movement of certain part of the body such as finger, leg etc is also common and apart from this mental depression also proves to be one of the most common symptoms of this complication.

Although there is no such treatment of this complication which would entirely cure this problem but in order to stay well one can go to therapist and can also try medicines and certain yoga as well as meditation also helps a lot and you can know more at healthclubfinder.


causes of genetic disorder

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Oxygen is a very important component that needs to be present in our blood but in case of the patients of thalassemia the level of oxygen in the blood is much lesser that any normal person. This is a life threatening complication as in long terms it can even end up taking life of the sufferer if treatments are not done in the right time.

The problem mainly takes place when the gene creates problem in the production of hemoglobin and this defect is carried in the genes which the sufferer gets from either of the parent. The complication depends if the gene is carried by a single parent then the problem would be lesser and if the defect comes from both the parent then the problem would be worse than ever in the sufferer’s life.

Anemia is the most common symptom of this complication and people often feel very weak and moreover the growth rate of such people is much delayed. Blood transfusion is the only effective way to keep a person healthy over time and vitamin transfusion is also very necessary in this case.

These were few of the symptoms as well as causes of genetic disorders that you need to check out and get treatments done as well.