China Detects A New Omicron Subvariant BA.5.2.1 – Prepares To Fight Against It

As the COVID-19 graph rises due to the spread of BA.5.2.1 covid subvariant, almost 30 million Chinese citizens are already subject to some kind of restriction.

Even as it emerged from a two-month lockdown, Shanghai’s main financial area, Pudong, underwent a fresh covid fear. This is because a new omicron subvariant BA.5.2.1 was found in Shanghai on July 8.

It is unclear whether this variant will expand faster than ba.5, which is already increasing the number of cases in the nation.

To quickly contain potential new outbreaks, the nation’s health authorities will hold mass testing. These will be in two rounds between July 12 and July 14 in various important Shanghai districts.

Hong Kong and Macao, China’s special administrative areas, have seen an increase in COVID-19 cases. Currently, Macau plans to close its casinos for the first time in the previous two years.

In the previous month, there have been 1,526 COVID-19 cases in the city. Therefore, to stop the virus from spreading further, only critical services are now permitted by the authorities. These limitations will be in effect at least through July 18.

Theaters, indoor amusement parks, saunas, massage, and parlors were already prohibited by the city on June 23. This limitation is still in effect.

These regulations follow the nation’s zero-COVID policy. About 90% of the population has had their primary immunization, but it is still unknown how many have received their booster dose.

China detects new omicron subvariant ba.5.2.1


As part of China’s “dynamic zero-COVID” policy, local governments have enacted strict restrictions. In the midst of widespread distribution of the virus, rapid eradication of all outbreaks is necessary.

This year’s significant disruptions clogged global supply chains and negatively impacted international trade. Following that China says that bans must be as targeted as possible to minimize harm to the No. 2 economy in the world.

The need to contain a modest epidemic is now more essential than ever because of the local infection with the BA.5.2.1 subvariant. It will help avoid disruptions such as those caused by the shutdown in April and May in the world economy.

Other Chinese Cities Affected By The New Variant

China detects new omicron subvariant ba.5.2.1


China detects new omicron subvariant BA.5.2.1 in cities like Xian in the Shaanxi province and Dalian in the Liaoning province in Beijing.

The town of Qinyang in the Henan province’s central region has nearly fully locked down its approximately 700,000 residents as of Sunday. The plan is to only allow one person from each family one excursion for groceries every two days.

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Temporary bans have been in place for several days in four main areas of the cities of Danzhou and Haikou in the south and Lanzhou in the northwest. All these places are in the province of Gansu.

After one person tested positive on Sunday, the city of Xining in the northwest province of Qinghai started a mass testing operation on Monday. In several significant districts of the southern city of Guangzhou, mass tests also started on Monday.


China detects a new omicron subvariant BA.5.2.1. As the cases observe a rise, China is preparing to combat this danger by timely tests and curbs. 

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