Christmas Tree Allergies: Get Rid of Them Today

Christmas tree allergy

Christmas holidays are the best time where people celebrate the festival, spend time with their families and friends and wait eagerly for the new year. Not many days are left for the holidays and we hope you have started the preparation to make the festival full of fun.

Are you planning to buy the Christmas tree? If yes, then you must read the article thoroughly as today we will make you know about Christmas tree allergy, it’s symptoms and cure. 

After reading the article, you will be precautioned and will take pre-emptive steps to take proper care of the tree to avoid the allergies. Let us read ahead and figure it out. 

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First of all, let us check out the causes of these allergies. 

Christmas tree allergy



Dust Mites

One of the prominent factors due to which many people suffer from Pine tree allergy (Christmas tree is basically a Pine tree) is this one: dust mites. Make sure you clean the tree regularly to avoid the dust mites.

Mold Spores

Molds are invisible to the naked eye and they are present where there is moisture. So, when trees build up moisture on their leaves and branches, the presence of mold spores is built up there. They are also present in the open spaces so one gets allergy from there too. 

Insect Droppings

Pests and insects are quite common in trees. They inhabit the pine trees and leave droppings which leads to allergies. 


Terpenes are chemical compounds. They give the natural scent to Pine trees. Some people have an allergy to terpene and it causes irritation so it is one of the reasons behind the allergy. 


Symptoms are quite important to know as they make us understand that we have undergone some disease and we have to take some actions to get rid of them. 

In the case of Pine tree allergies, the following are the symptoms. One must know them in order to treat the allergy as soon as possible so that he/she can enjoy the festival at its best.

  • Water coming off eyes and nose
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Dark circles under the eyes

These allergic reactions are quite unpleasant and irritating so one should consult the doctor immediately to get rid of them. 


After checking out the causes and symptoms, let us now check what prevention/cure methods are there for solving our problem. 

First of all, people who are suffering from such kinds of irritation and allergies should avoid using a natural tree and must opt for an artificial tree. If any person in your house has an allergy to terpenes or mold then it is a good decision to buy an artificial tree as no such worry is there with it. An artificial tree will be an allergy-friendly Christmas tree so you won’t have any issue with that.

 If you want to buy a real tree instead of an artificial one then make sure you clean it outside, shake it twice or thrice so that dust, pollen, and pest droppings fall outside. Some other careful measures that you can take to avoid irritation from these allergies are shown below. 

Remove pollen using a blower

You can use a leaf blower to remove the pollen particles from your tree. Wear a mask at that time to protect yourself. 

Remove Mold

For removing mold, you have to make sure that the tree is completely dry. If there is moisture present in any part of the tree then there are chances of mold so better keep it dry. Every day, you should shake it once with the help of any other person as it might be heavy and then keep it under the sunlight so that it dries completely. 


You can lessen the scent of terpene from your tree by spraying a solution of water and bleach. Spray it on the branches and the problem will get solved. 

Christmas tree allergy


Dust Mites

After the festival ends, you should seal your artificial tree with boxes, bags or whatever you find useful. This will help cover the tree completely and it will remain free from dust. This way the insects will also stay out. 

Make sure you take out the tree once after 3-4 months to check the status of whether any insects have rotten it or anything else. You will be able to use the tree next year the same way you did this year by taking proper care of it and following the steps mentioned above. 

So, here was a detailed article on Christmas tree allergy symptoms and how to prevent it. Make your decision to buy a real tree or an artificial one quickly as not many days are left for the holidays. 

Whatever decision you take, make sure that you take proper care of the tree so that your family stays away from these allergies and can have a happy and blissful time in the holidays. Keep following us to get updates on more such health-related articles so that you stay fine and healthy always! To know about health problems visit Healthclubfinder.