How to Make Corn Dogs in Air Fryer? A Complete Guide to Know

It’s that time when your friends show up at your place without notice, and you don’t know what to serve them. Or you’re probably just bored and need a quick snack that’s easy to whip up.

Corn Dogs are a great option!

Corn dogs are nothing but hot dogs on a stick with a cornmeal batter coating. They are usually deep-fried to get that crunchy and crispy exterior. 

But what about all the extra oil seeping into your body? Oily corn dogs can become the reason behind your rising cholesterol, blood pressure, and artery blockage. Fortunately, you can fry corn dogs in air fryer. That too, without hampering the taste. How? Read on!

Frozen Corn Dogs In Air Fryer

Frozen corn dogs come in many brands at the supermarket or wholesale shops. When cooking frozen food, you should always follow the packaging directions.

Preheating isn’t essential when using an air fryer. It’s a mini but formidable kitchen device with a lot of power. So, it only takes seven minutes to make a tasty, delightful corn dog that’s cooked uniformly and crisped to perfection. 

The primary advantage of using an air fryer is that it does not require cooking oil, so there is no risk of adding unwanted fats and calories to the meal.

How Long to Cook Frozen Corn Dogs in Air Fryer

corn dogs in air fryer


You can get a crispy air-fried Corn Dog that tastes like it was made right there in your neighborhood fair in less than 10 minutes.

Recipe — How To Make Corn Dogs In The Air Fryer?

All you need are a few minutes of prep work to prepare frozen corn dogs in air fryer.

Use a nonstick cooking spray to coat the interior of your air fryer basket.


3 Frozen corn dogs


  1. Arrange your corn dogs in the air fryer.
  2. Cook them for 10 minutes or until they are evenly heated.
  3. Be careful to flip them once in a while to avoid excessive browning on one side.

What are you waiting for? Serve hot.

Recipe — Mini Corn Dogs In Air Fryer

Who doesn’t love a bite-sized corn dog that you can gulp down in one go? This mini corn dog recipe will remind you of your childhood! This salty, crispy, sweet, and savory take on a hot dog is now available frozen in most grocery stores and can cook it in the air fryer in no time!

You don’t need to spray your air fryer basket with cooking spray or use extra oil to make great mini air fryer corn dogs. The best thing is that corn dogs made in an air fryer are the simplest way to enjoy a snack without dealing with cornmeal batter.


Mini frozen corn dogs


  1. If you’re making a large batch of air fryer corn dogs, use cooking spray to keep them from sticking together.
  2. In the frying basket, place frozen air fryer tiny corn dogs. Make sure the basket isn’t overflowing. It is best to apply one uniform coating.
  3. Cook for approximately 10 minutes.
  4. Depending on the size of your air fryer basket and how many mini corn dogs you have in the basket, you may need to shake the basket and continue cooking for 1-2 additional minutes until you reach your desired crispiness.

These corn dogs made in an air fryer are fantastic for a fast dinner any time of year, but they’re especially great for a kid’s birthday party or a summer get-together. 

Grab a couple of packs to store in the freezer for quick and delicious air fryer dinners.

Tips To Go With Your Air Fryer Corn Dogs

corn dogs in air fryer


Unless you like your meal to be simple, you should dunk your frozen mini corn dog that’s air-fried in a delicious dipping sauce.

Sweet and Tangy Sauce with Sriracha

The sweet and spicy flavor of sriracha sauce has made it a popular Thai condiment. However, it can be overly salty and spicy, so sour cream helps in tempering the heat while also lowering the salt level. If you don’t think the dip has enough salt, you may always season it to taste.  


Salsa is a classic Mexican dip that can spice up any food. We all know it goes well with Mexican dishes but try it with your air fryer corn dogs. We guarantee you will love it. To make the dip extra delicious, use fresh ingredients to prepare it. 

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Special Tips For Making Corn Dogs In Air Fryer

  • Refrigerate your cooled air fryer corn dogs in an airtight container for 3-4 days. Always package your food and refrigerate or freeze it within 1-2 hours of cooking it.
  • Add veggies to your dinner if you want to attempt to make small corn dogs more full! Choose non-starchy vegetables (such as broccoli or zucchini) cooked in very little oil. Veggies will pack a lot of flavor and nutrients into a dish while just adding a few calories.
  • You can store any leftover corn dogs in the freezer for 2-3 months in a zipped plastic freezer bag or an airtight freezer container. 

Why Should You Switch To Air Frying?

corn dogs in air fryer


Air fryers are, without a doubt, one of the best culinary creations of all time. They’re simply countertop convection ovens. They allow you to cook dishes such that the outsides are crispy and the insides get properly done. 

It also frees up your oven and stove for other tasks and prevents the kitchen from overheating. 

Air Frying is also a healthier technique to prepare fried foods.

You don’t need to compromise on taste when you cook food in an air fryer. As mentioned before, corn dogs in air fryer are just as lip-smacking as those deep-fried or made in a conventional oven. 


1. What Is an Air Fryer?

An air fryer is a miniature oven that can cook food with very little oil. It’s a healthier alternative to using a conventional oven that requires a lot of oil to cook food.

2. Are Corn Dogs Gluten-Free?

No, corn dogs have gluten in them.

3. Are Corn Dogs Prepared in an Air Fryer Unhealthy?

Frozen corn dogs, in general, are junk food since they are premade and processed. So, whether you make them in an air fryer or oven, they’re not healthy. But it is okay to enjoy them occasionally with friends and family. And as you know by now, air frying is better than using an oven or pan.


Air fryer corn dogs are a quick and easy way of helping your taste buds and getting rid of those hunger growls. With air frying, you don’t have to worry about the damaging health effects of deep frying and creating a giant greasy mess.

We have shared with you recipes for both – regular corn dogs and mini corn dogs. Choose your preference and go ahead, make corn dogs in air fryer!

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