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With the ongoing surge of coronavirus cases in the world, many unanswered questions and myths are revolving around it. We tried our best to provide you with the myth busters

When we are talking about Coronavirus Q&A, who is the better person to consult? Me? You? No, it’s none of us. It’s Doctor, a real savior! Amidst all this, we tried to reach out to a few doctors to get the answers to questions about COVID-19.

Today we have here with us, Dr. Pranav Shukla and Dr. Houman Ahdieh, in our #Ask a Doctor series.

Dr. Pranav Shukla is a Medical Director, Founder & CEO of Shine MD MedSpa & Wellness Center. He did a residency in family medicine at Stony Brook University Hospital, New York. He specializes in state-of-the-art aesthetics, anti-aging, wellness, and regenerative medicines. 

Dr. Houman Ahdieh is an MD (Doctor of Medicine) and an honored ophthalmologist at Lehigh Valley Center for Sight, Pennsylvania. He also did his fellowship at Cornell Medical Center, New York. As Dr. Houman is an ophthalmologist, he is practicing as an eye physician and is a glaucoma specialist.

Both doctors are reputed and associated with International and American Academies.

So with no delay, let’s talk to them about the coronavirus

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Ques. Is it okay to visit people who have also been practicing proper social distancing and/or self-quarantine for 14+ days?
Ans. This is the most common question asked by the people. Dr. Houman Ahdieh says, “Yes. As long as one continues with the practice and avoids physical contact.”

Ques. For how long Coronavirus stays on our Skin, Hair, and Nails?
Ans. According to Dr. Shukla, “We do not know the exact time for any of the mentioned, but I am quite sure it stays on skin long enough to spread from one person to another. About hairs, it is still a doubt, because the chances of having coronavirus on your hair are as less as people sneezing right on your hair.” 

For nails, he added, “Nails have crevices hard to clean, and there is a possibility the coronavirus may have resided in it. It’s better to avoid fake nails during the COVID-19 outbreak and clean all the corners of the nail (including the inner nail area).”

Ques. Do you recommend that people should wear face masks and which type of masks are effective?
Ans. We all know people are still confused about wearing them. When we asked this question to Dr. Houman, the reply was, “In my opinion, wearing face masks of any type in public is acceptable and should be a requirement for now.”

He further added, “Its function should be to prevent the spread of any large aerosolized particles to be released in the air. However, in a healthcare setting, a proper mask such as N 95 mask should be worn along with a shield to protect both the patients and the staff.”

Ques. What should overweight & diabetics do during this pandemic? Is Coronavirus riskier for them?
Ans. Normally overweight and people with diabetes are prone to catch infections, so this was always the question, Is it the same for coronavirus? Dr. Shukla confirmed, “No doubt, they are at a higher risk of catching the coronavirus. But if the person is maintaining social distance and avoiding the red zones, then he is safe.”
To prevent the risk, the doctor advised, “Take proper medication, eat healthy food, and exercise. Daily.”

Ques. Are eyes a source for spreading this disease?
Ans. Dr. Houman being an ophthalmologist is the best person to answer this, he says, “The answer to this question initially was yes. The tears were considered a source of the possible spread of COVID. But that has not been substantiated. However, tears should be considered as any other bodily fluid and avoided.”

Ques. Is it true that if you dress with less exposure then you are safe from getting infected? If yes, then How?
Ans. The question may look dicey, but people ask this, let’s see what Dr. Houman has to say about it. “I don’t quite understand what the number is asking, but my answer is no!”

Ques. Should, and how much exercise be done during a coronavirus outbreak?
Ans. Dr. Shukla said, “That’s an absolute yes. One should never forget the benefits exercise provides to the immune system of the body. While exercising is important, always make sure not to overdo it.”

Ques. What are your thoughts on chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine?
Ans. This is a must-ask question, India is producing the medicine in an enormous quantity and providing it to the countries in need. Dr. Shukla said, “Many people think hydroxychloroquine is the vaccine, but that’s not true, it is a medicine that is healing and saving people, not a vaccine.”

We must know the difference between vaccines and medicine.

Ques. How can we keep ourselves safe from the novel Coronavirus?
Ans. Even after much information rolled out by WHO and other health care centers. This question still makes a place in the mind of a person, and the sole reason is myths revolving around the COVID 19.

Dr. Houman answered the question clearing all the doubts, “Fortunately, Coronavirus is not a very hardy organism. The simple act of keeping your hands clean at all times is the best practice of keeping safe. The ultimate solution is getting an effective vaccine.”

Ques. Could you tell us about how to keep our immune system healthy, and what are the other things that you would advise people to do to stay healthy in their day-to-day lives?
Ans. “Keeping the immune system healthy is necessary not just during a pandemic but the entire life,” says Dr. Shukla. He further added, “Eating fruits, eating healthy food and avoiding the junk ones, doing yoga, washing your hands regularly, and last but not least, a minimum 30 minutes of exercise.”

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This brings us to the end of the series. Before wrapping up, we asked both the doctors to share some positive thoughts with our readers. And what can they look forward to in the coming days, coming weeks? The answer was logical and brought smiles to our faces. 

“It is not so easy to stay positive when we are unable to provide for our families financially when we fear for our health. But we can always find opportunity in these hard times to stay positive and get through!”

With this thought, we are wrapping up here. Stay tuned for more #ask a doctor blog, only on HealthClubFinder. #Staysafe, #stayhome, and maintain #socialdistancing.

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