Stop Spreading Coronavirus Rumours And Stay Updated With The Actual Information

coronavirus rumours

Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook to connect the people, stop spreading coronavirus rumours and spread awareness, and keep updated everyone from around the world. There are around 2.4 billion users on Facebook and this exceeds in the case of WhatsApp too.

If Mark Zuckerberg ever knew his invented and owned platform would be used for creating rumours and not exactly specifying the actual situation, he wouldn’t have given access to anyone (sarcasm intended). 

Right now, he will be hitting his head on the wall after watching the coronavirus rumours on WhatsApp. (Haha!)

While the situation in Italy and Iran is worsening day by day, India’s situation is no less. The first recorded case of COVID-19 was on 30th January 2020. It kept increasing slowly in the initial days. But from the last few weeks, the cases have been increasing drastically. 

Situation In India

Maharashtra has the highest number of COVID-19 cases recorded. The total number of cases in India are 415 (as of 23rd march 2020, 10.30 IST). 

India is a country where the speed of virus spreading is less than the speed of rumours. The green living community is growing day by day. Even before the first case recorded in the country, there were rumours on coronavirus revolving around the groups.

Heights went high when people started to forward the message claiming this one is adherence from UNICEF.

According to a few of the rumoured messages, ‘Coronavirus can’t affect India, as it cannot survive in the hot climate.

And just a few days ago, WHO rolled out the information that it can stay even in a hot and humid climate.

This isn’t it. There are many of them and here you will see almost all of them. We are presenting you with this information so that you can save yourself from the rumours. 

WhatsApp Rumours About COVID-19

coronavirus rumours


This isn’t it. Many recorded audio calls have also been circulated on WhatsApp. The recording was about how officials are making decisions and all. 

For example, there was one audio that represented two persons talking about how the government has taken the decision temporarily and the condition will last till June. And they will expand the lockdown till that. 

The point is the government has not said anything about it and we can’t assume anything. After the audio circulated, many families started to stock up on the essentials. This way, it affected the market. 

Try not to follow these, and get the information from the official website for COVID-19 or WHO. 

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What are the Precautions That the Prime Minister of India is Taking?

After looking at the situation of the country, the honourable prime minister, Mr Narendra Modi requested citizens to follow the ‘Janta Curfew’ which was to happen between 7 am to 9 pm.

And asked people to ring bells, shells, or clap hands to show gratitude towards the doctors and the people who are helping us to stay safe in such a dreadful situation.

This is what Mr Modi tweeted:

coronavirus rumours


Within a day, there were many rumours about the same decisions regulated in the WhatsApp group. Such as:

coronavirus rumours


After looking at the increased rate of rumours on COVID-19 even PM Modi tweeted about the same.

coronavirus rumours


One user said, “Usually we don’t see such amount of misinformation on health issues. We get around two to three forwarded messages a week, but after the outbreak of COVID-19, the numbers have been increased. Now, every day around five to six messages is received.”

coronavirus rumours


This way, the increase in rumours are worsening the situation. Stay home, stay safe and stay away from coronavirus rumours.

Follow the instructions given by the government. For the updated information on the current situation, stay tuned to Healthclubfinder.

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