Coronavirus Vaccine Update: Can It Be Delivered In 18 months?

coronavirus vaccine update

Coronavirus outbreak is getting spread across the world with more than 8,50,000 positive cases and 42,000 deaths. Starting from China, it has rapidly moved towards other countries with the USA, Italy, Iran, Spain, and Germany to be the most affected ones. 

The government in these countries is doing the best they can but the count of the positive cases is not decreasing at all. The biggest hurdle is that a vaccine for Covid19 is not available at the moment. If there had been a coronavirus vaccine then there was no possibility of the virus doing so much damage to the world. 

There are talks going on that the Coronavirus vaccine can be developed within 12-18 months and then the world can be made free from its terror. 

But as per Michael Kinch, a medical researcher who explored the path of finding the vaccine for HIV, the HIV vaccine is not yet founded even after so many years after the first case was reported. From this, we can think that it is not that easy and quick to get a vaccine for a disease. So, thinking that the vaccine will get ready within 18 months is not that easy task. 

It is evident that people and government all over the world are eagerly keeping their eyes on the vaccine to be made available as soon as possible so there are no more cases reported of Corona. Many presidents and prime ministers of various countries have urged the drug makers to put their best efforts to get the vaccine ready. 

How feasible is it to get the coronavirus vaccine in 18 months?

coronavirus vaccine update


The answer to this question in simple words is that it is not that easy to accomplish. 

There are cases seen in various vaccines where even the rigorously tried and tested ones had side effects. For example, one dengue vaccine made the symptoms worse in some people and another one that was developed against the Lyme disease by GlaxoSmithKline Plc was pulled back as it had links to arthritis.

In the case of many diseases, it had been expected earlier that the booster will be ready within few years but it was a false expectation in most of them and it took long years to get the booster ready and, in some cases, it is not ready yet. HIV is the perfect example of this. 

It is to be noted that many top-notch drug companies, universities, and national institutions are working day and night since the arrival of the Corona to get the booster ready for this virus. In fact, the director of the National Institute of Allergy has shown confidence that the vaccine can be prepared within 18 months which is really good. 

They are taking the help of technology this time to get the vaccine making the process quick. Sanofi, Johnson & Johnson, Roche, GlaxoSmithKline, Moderna, and many other pharmaceutical companies are putting persistent efforts into this. 

It is true that any company or any institution just can’t release the vaccine without properly and rigorously testing it. It has to be tested with all scenarios and if 100% guarantee is there that it will work then and then only it is taken out for the public. 

Vaccines have a higher trust factor than drugs as it gives you safety against any disease immediately and you are not going to catch that disease again in the future. 

If it fails after releasing in the public then it can have adverse effects on people’s health and also people will stop putting trust in medical researcher’s hard work. 

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Need Huge Funds 

Drug Companies and medical institutions require huge funding to set up the necessary testing environment and to successfully carry out the process. Melanie Saville, director of vaccine research said that even if one shot for the booster is ready then it will be available on an emergency use only. 

coronavirus vaccine update


On-Going Process

Many pharmaceutical companies are in the process of getting approval from their respective governments to start the testing. CanSino Biologics Inc. of China will be starting its tests soon as it has received approval from the government. 

Pennsylvania based pharmaceutical company, Inovio Inc. will be starting its test in the USA in the month of April. 

Meanwhile, the process of vaccine discovery goes on, people have to stay calm and wait for the official announcement to be made any. No need to become too eager and optimistic for the vaccine to get ready within a few months as it is a rigorous process and takes time.  

Kinch also told that the mutation rate for Corona is relatively low as compared to HIV which is good. I hope that the time when the first shot of the vaccine comes out, not the whole world should have got infected to it. 

Till the virus booster comes into the picture, we all have to stay locked down at our homes and stay safe. Governments are trying to do their best and keeping serious restrictions on people so that more people are not infected. In the end, it is we who have to take the safety measures to safeguard ourselves against COVID 19! For more information regarding this, visit Healthclubfinder.