Crooked Teeth Alert! Get Braces Before It’s Too Late

Do you often get camera-conscious because of your crooked teeth? If yes, then this article is just the right thing for you.

The word “crooked” means different to different people. Some refer to this as their misaligned teeth, while some concerns range from spacing to speech to chewing issues. Misaligned teeth are pretty standard amongst teenagers and adults. However, many decide to make peace with their unique smiles, which isn’t good! And everyone knows that a healthy smile is a reflection of good and healthy dental hygiene. Wouldn’t you want for yourself?

So, before these teeth of yours start being a problem in your speech or health, you must get realigned ASAP. But how? We all know that straightening crooked teeth is not a piece of cake. You need lots of patience and unlimited dental appointments to achieve your perfect smile. 

However, with medical science advancements, there are several orthodontic treatments available to get your teeth straightened. Out of which, getting braces is the best long-term solution.

Still not convinced? Don’t worry! Here you’ll find all the answers you were looking for?

What Are the Causes of Crooked Teeth?

Crooked Teeth Alert


Believe it or not but there are several reasons due to which your teeth might grow-in crooked. It could be either genetic or your prolonged bad habits.

Just like you get your eye or hair color from your parents, the oral health pass down too. According to orthodontics, if your parent’s teeth aren’t properly aligned or suffer other dental problems, there’s a good chance that you might inherit them too. And in this case, you might get an overbite or underbite issue from your parents.

You might find your thumb-sucking babies cute and adorable, but what you don’t know is that it is creating a ripple effect for your child’s oral health. Excessive use of pacifiers promotes the misalignment of teeth down the line. So, as a parent, make sure that your child doesn’t get addicted to pacifiers or the thumb-sucking practice.

How Do Braces Help?

Crooked Teeth Alert


If you’ve decided to straighten your teeth, congratulations, you’ve taken the first step. Now how can braces help you in fixing your teeth’ alignment? Using fixed or removable aligners can work in gifting you the smile you deserve. According to the experts at, your braces will first loosen your teeth and then move them where they are supposed to be. And they also confirm the fact that, once your teeth fit perfectly into the new position, they’ll no longer lose their jaw grip. So, there’s nothing to worry about.

Also, you need to know that braces are not the fastest way to get your teeth fixed. It requires time and patience. But the results are definitely worth the wait. You’ll be surprised to know that braces are amongst the best dental tools that can help you deal with crooked teeth, overbite, or misaligned teeth. Many people prefer to get braces in their teenage years, but there’s always a good time to make the best decision for your teeth.

And if you’ll take good care of your retainers and wear them throughout your treatment, your perfect new smile will last a lifetime. Woah! That’s really fascinating!

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What Will Happen If You Don’t Get Braces at the Right Time?

Crooked Teeth Alert


If an orthodontist advises you to get braces, let’s just say that you should listen to them immediately. This is because they are well-versed with the fact that if you don’t get your teeth aligned on time, it can lead to severe dental problems. It includes crossbite, overcrowding of teeth, overbite, speech issues, etc.

So, whenever you feel that you are all set to pursue your orthodontal treatment and want to get braces for your crooked teeth, it’s better to schedule an appointment in advance. And don’t worry! You don’t need a referral from your dentist to get an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon. Make sure that after you get your braces, you are regular with your dental appointments. It will help you to look after your braces. 

Pro Tip: Crooked or overbite isn’t the only sign that you or your child might need braces. And it’s also a myth that says you need to wait for your child’s permanent teeth to determine that he/she needs braces.

Wrapping Up!

Crooked teeth are much more than a cosmetic issue. It hampers your overall personality. Dental hygiene can link to general health and can help you smile perfectly for a lifetime. It might seem expensive at first, but everything will be worth the effort when you’ll see that gorgeous smile on your face.

So, if you think that your teeth need your immediate attention, go consult an orthodontist and get those teeth aligned ASAP! 

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