Benefits of Visiting a Custom Orthotics Consultant in Vancouver

A recent report reveals that 7% of the population in Vancouver has diabetes. Experts suggest that it will increase to 10% in a couple of years if the current trend continues.

Diabetes is one of the common causes of foot pain among Vancouverites. The other top reasons include plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and arthritis. 

But if you are an avid walker, who loves exploring some of Vancouver’s best places, like the Yaletown/ False Creek walking loop, such ailments shouldn’t stop you. 

The best solution is to engage an expert in orthotics Vancouver to provide the support to your feet and ankles required to help you relieve pain. Here are some of the benefits of visiting a custom orthotics consultant in Vancouver:

They Offer Relief from Pain

With the city’s major economic sectors being trade, tourism, natural resources, and construction, your job profile can demand long hours standing or walking. You can experience pain from sore feet, causing your excruciating pain to escalate.

With custom orthotics, the experts get you the cushion and support for your feet where you need it the most. They help you relieve the pressure areas that can cause acute pain. More importantly, their solutions can reduce the pain you experience from problems like high arches, heel pain, bunions, and calluses.

The top Vancouver custom orthotics consultants suggest custom-fitted orthotics to counteract pain for short-term and long-term pain relief. They also aid with foot pain caused by medical conditions of diabetes, arthritis, and bursitis. 

Custom Orthotics


They Help Prevent Injuries

In recent years, Vancouver has reported one in every ten injuries that occur at work to be involving feet.

Leading consultants present high-quality orthotics in Vancouver, which can give you extra support for your feet, thus protecting your feet from sprains and fractures. These provide a stable surface that offers adequate support for your leg motions, protecting you from any possible strain. 

Custom orthotics are designed to be worn inside your shoes to relieve biomechanical conditions of the foot that result from injuries. They provide superior foot movement and stabilize body balance for greater mobility.

They Improve Your Body Balance

Vancouver presents beautiful greenways, like Central Valley and Comox-Helmcken, for pedestrians. But without a proper body balance, enjoying such city offerings can be a far-fetched idea.

The specialists ensure that the custom orthotics provide your foot’s entire surface exceptional support, allowing you to remain steady on your feet with full stability. And hence, you can overcome any walking abnormality, ensuring you can stand, walk, and even run comfortably.

Custom Orthotics Consultants Can Help Treat Athletes

Vancouver ranks as the world’s 5th healthiest city, thanks to its perfect combination of gyms, spas, and vegan restaurants. While there is no shortage of fitness studios, from parkour playgrounds to aerial yoga, the city has doorstep access to various outdoor pursuits. 

Whether it’s gyms, skiing, or hiking, custom orthotics offer the right foot support, ensuring you can challenge yourself in any situation without worrying about your feet. Even if you have any foot deformity, the specialists offer customized solutions to help you achieve your fitness goals. Hence, this makes it possible for you to optimize performance in athletic events and activities while lowering your risk of injury.

They Offer Precise Fit and Safe Support Solutions

Leading orthotics specialists in Vancouver offer custom orthotics that mould to your feet, as well as your shoes. They use sophisticated 3D scanning technology that provides accurate information on all aspects related to your foot. 

These insoles perfectly sit inside your shoes and remain hidden. More importantly, even if you have severe foot conditions, their design fits your foot exactly.

Custom Orthotics


Better Skeletal Support

It is estimated that there are around 77,000 seniors over 65 years of age in Vancouver. With aging, your bones can be subject to wear and tear and hence deteriorate, leading to loss of bone mass and joint weaknesses. As a result, it can have a direct impact on your feet, and you may not be able to stand for a long time or indulge in long walks. Custom orthotics can come to your rescue and support your weakening bones, muscles, and joints starting from your leg up to the upper spinal column.  

Hence, this will offer seniors and patients with bone problems additional support to get back on their feet and provide utmost comfort while on the move. Leading experts of orthotics in Vancouver suggest getting custom orthotic soles for muscular and skeletal support.

Correction of Pronation and Foot Deformities

Whether you are an athlete or an employee in Vancouver’s commercial sector that involves strenuous or intensive performance and activities, pronation can be a common problem. According to reports, up to 1/3rd people suffer from flat feet syndrome or over-pronation.

Pronation refers to a foot condition wherein an impaired foot arch leads to the ankle landing in improper positions. Over-pronation occurs when your arch rolls in, thereby pushing greater weight to your foot’s inner side, making it flatter. On the other hand, under pronation occurs when the foot is not as flat as it should be. Both these conditions can result in several issues like fractures, knee pain, shin splints, or fatigue. 

Custom orthotics can help correct these issues and prevent pronation. It provides comprehensive support and comfort to the falling-foot arches. The common causes of pronation can be attributed to injury, certain health conditions, and ongoing stressors of walking and standing for a prolonged time. 

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Final Words

Vancouver ranks as the most walkable city in Canada, with a walk score of 79.8. Look for a rehab facility near you and check out their custom orthotics. Find your best suitable fit and enjoy pleasant walks in Terminal City’s best walking spaces.

While over-the-counter shoe inserts can provide quick relief, moderate support, and additional cushion, they might not be as effective as custom orthotics solutions. Visiting your local specialists of orthotics in Vancouver can help you mitigate your foot pain for good.

 Since custom orthotics are designed specifically according to your foot problems and the specific benefits you require, they provide the exact relief and correction. In Vancouver, orthotics specialists can suggest the best course of action to restore optimal function and health to your feet.

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