Everything That You Need To Know About Dandruff Vs Dry Scalp

dandruff vs dry scalp

Hair problems are serious and confusing as well and the worst condition appears when we assume the problem to be a different problem and treat it accordingly and so the condition starts to become worse than ever instead of getting cured. There are many hair issues which seems like identical to each other which confuses people the most and the problem of dandruff vs. dry scalp seems to be one of them and people often fail to understand the difference between the two conditions as such.

Now the two situations are quite different but the appearance seems to be more or less same but the cause, as well as damage or both condition, is very different and so the cure or treatment of the issue is also very different from each other. Now you must be wondering about both issues as well as the treatment then here is everything that you need to know about dandruff vs. dry scalp which you need to check out for sure:

What Is Dry Scalp?

dandruff vs dry scalp

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Dry scalp seems exactly like dandruff but in case of dry scalp you would notice big flakes of dry skin of your hairs or scalp and you would be shocked to know that if you have dry scalp then you can also develop dandruff if you would not treat the dry scalp on time. Dry scalp sometimes can be quite itchy and they are very dry as unlike dandruff and this kind of dry scalp can mainly happen in the winter time when the atmosphere remains dry and cool and dry scalp can be a seasonal issue and you may not see that throughout the year.

What Causes Dry Scalp

There are much reason for getting a dry scalp and some of them are listed below that you need to check out:

Skin Type

dandruff vs dry scalp

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You are more likely to have dry scalp if your skin type is already dry as people with very dry skin tend to have dry scalp as well. If you are among the dry skin people then you would notice that by the end of spring or by the starting of winter you already have some kind of white flaky thing on your scalp or head which would fall off if you jiggle your hairs and this seems to be very embarrassing and wearing dark colored clothes can be a struggle for you during those days as flakes of dry skin can fall on your clothes.

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Excessive Washing

dandruff vs dry scalp

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Nothing too much is good for us and if you would wash your hair more than what needed then there are chances that you may have problem of dry scalp. Excessive washing of your hair rips off the moisture from the skin which results in to dry and damaged scalps and so the problem of dry scalp would happen. Many times we people over oil our hairs our apply some kind of hair masks which is a pain to remove and for getting rid of that we wash our hairs several times and at the end all the moistures get washed off from the scalp.

How To Stop Dry Scalp?

Here are few things that you need to follow if you wish to avoid the condition of dry scalp and also here are some cure of the condition as well that you need to check out:

Stop Using Too Much Of Oil Or Hard To Remove Hair Masks

dandruff vs dry scalp

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If you would apply too much of anything on the scalp then you would have to use too much of shampoo to remove the residue of the oil or mask from your hairs which can automatically make your scalp really dry which would result in to dry and flaky scalp which you may not want for sure.

Choose The Temperature Of Your Water Wisely

dandruff vs dry scalp

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Hot water is not at all healthy for your hairs as they can strip off the moisture and leave your hairs frizzy at the same time but hot water helps in removing all that oil as well as hair mask from your hairs so the idea here is to shampoo your hair with hot water and then to lock the moisture just wash your hairs with normal or cold water at the end that’s it.

The Mixture Or Coconut Milk And Honey

dandruff vs dry scalp

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Coconut milk makes the hairs soft and at the same time it also removes the dryness of the scalp and the best thing is that it is very easy to remove as well and on the other hand honey seems work as a nice conditioner and it helps in locking the moisture. How to use coconut oil for hair might be question then you will get from here.

Now you have to grate a coconut and soak it in hot water for a good 15 minutes and then you would have to squeeze out the milk and simmer the milk for a while and then after it cools down you would have to add a tablespoon full of honey in it and mix well and apply all over your hairs and scalp and the let it rest for about 30 to 45 minutes. Now you need to wash it off using a sulfate free shampoo as sulfate dries down the scalp and you are good to go.

What Is Dandruff?

dandruff vs dry scalp

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Dandruff is kind of a scalp infection and is often termed as fungal infection and people with infectious skin are more likely to develop dandruff and this mainly happens when out scalp develops a thick layer of dead skin and if fungus forms in that thick layer of dead skin then soon it turns out to be dandruff and dandruff can take place in any scalp type no matter if you have dry scalp or oil but still dandruff can actually take place on your scalp. Dandruff is often small salt like flakes which is kind of itchy and also it inflames the scalp so you may end up having itching on the scalp all the time in case you have dandruff on your head.

What Causes Dandruff?

There are many reasons for developing dandruff on the scalp and some of them are listed below that you need to check out:

Hair Product Residue

dandruff vs dry scalp

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Many times it happens that we do not wash our scalp properly and this thing mainly happens with teenagers as they just tend to wash their hairs and never bother to wash their scalp and so product start building up on the scalp which at the end of the time results in dandruff. Many times it also have been seen that people do not wash out the conditioner completely just to keep their hairs manageable and this wrong step also builds up products on the scalp and at the end of the time this would also make you the sufferer of dandruff.

Oil Secretion

dandruff vs dry scalp

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If your scalp tends to be too oily then you are more prone to dandruff as dandruff takes place on oily scalp. Now it is true that we should not wash our hairs way too often but if you have super oily scalp and you also wash your hair once in a while then the oil would start sitting on your scalp which actually attracts the dirt and dust that again sits of the scalp making it dirty and infectious at the same time so in this case the problem of dandruff happens and also this things tends to clog the root which can result in hair fall as well and also the hair growth can also decrease at the same time.

How To Stop Dandruff?

It is true that dandruff is hard to remove but not impossible at the same time so here are few things that you need to follow in order to remove dandruff from your scalp completely which you need to check:

Be Hygienic

dandruff vs dry scalp

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Hygiene plays an important role when it comes to prevent infections like dandruff so you need to be very careful about your hair hygiene. Washing your hairs in a particular interval to prevent dirt needs to be on your top list and also you should always use cleans things like comb, brush etch on your hair after you get your hairs washed and never ever use anyone’s hair tool as dandruff is a fungal infection which spreads from one person to another like crazy so it is always better to be sure about it and using your own separate thing is always a good idea.

Tea Tree Essential Oil And Lemon Solution With Salt

dandruff vs dry scalp

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Tea tree essential oil is amazing when it comes to curing any infection and at the same time, it promotes hair health as well which is a great thing for sure. Lemon helps a lot in fighting with dandruff as it is packed with citric acid which helps in removing dandruff and on the other hand salt would scrape out dandruff from the scalp. Now you would have to squeeze a lemon and then add two to four drops of tea tree essential oil and then add a tablespoon of salt into that and then massage well the solution on your scalp and the leave it on for about 10 to 15 minutes and then just wash it off using your sulfate and paraben free shampoo that’s it.

These were everything that you need to know about dry scalp as well as dandruff and also you can find more such things at Healthclubfinder.