Diabetes In Women: 8 Food Habits To Nurture Her Health

diabetics in women

Diabetes is one of the most dangerous diseases which is caused when the sugar level increases in one’s blood and 85 out of 100 women tend to get affected by diabetes. This deadly disease happens due to an imbalanced diet, unhealthy lifestyle, it can also be genetic.

It is said that diabetes can slowly damage other parts of the body such as kidney issues, heart problems, weak eyesight, and hair fall. It is also a sign of early aging. Diabetes cannot be cured completely but can be maintained by following some simple steps is a day to day life.

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to deal with any disease; hence it helps to maintain sugar level in the body by producing a good insulin level in the body. A balanced diet helps to maintain not only diabetes but also other harmful diseases as well as disorders.

Here are 8 food habits to balance diabetes in women:

Eliminate sugar intake:

diabetics in women

Source : sonashomehealth.com

Diabetes is nothing but the high level of sugar in one’s blood so, avoiding sugar intake is the best way to balance the blood sugar level in the body. Fruits with high sugar are also advised to ignore, such as pomegranate, mango, ripe jackfruit and so on.

The best way to not compromise with the sweet taste in your food is to use an artificial sweetener instead. They taste exactly like sugar but do not affect the blood sugar level.

Minimize carbohydrate intake:

diabetics in women

Source : healthline.com

Carbohydrate turns into sugar which results in increased blood sugar level in blood. To balance carbohydrate as well as protein is very important in maintaining a normal blood sugar level.

Fruits in place of chocolates:

diabetics in women

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Most of the women like to has sweets and always crave for something like chocolate but this can shake the blood sugar level in women’s body so the best way to treat your sweet craving is to have some berry blast or refreshing watermelon, you can even choose your favorite fruits over candies and chocolates.

Good fat over bad fat:

diabetics in women

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Fat intake is equally important in a woman’s body but the trick is to consume good fat by eliminating bad fat from our diet. Consuming nuts instead of pastry is the first step that you can take. Having a seafood diet is even a good idea as it is rich in omega-3 which not only benefits blood sugar level but also looks after overall health.

Sprouts over junk foods:

diabetics in women

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Sprouts have many health benefits to it and it is also rich in protein which helps to neutralize blood sugar level in the body, unlike junk food it will also help you to maintain a balanced weight.

Whole grain in place of white:

diabetics in women

Source : nestle-cereals.com

Whole grain food such as brown bread, whole grain biscuit etc has a high rate of fiber compared to that food which is made up of white flour. High fiber intake absorbs glucose resulting in a maintained blood sugar level.

Have more green in diet:

diabetics in women

Source : assets.babycenter.com

Green vegetables are perfect for filling the vitamin needs in one’s body and it does not affect blood sugar level but makes our body strong as well as increases insulin production in the body resulting low blood sugar level in the body.

Replace regular drinks with green tea:

diabetics in women

Source : cdn1.medicalnewstoday.com

Green tea has antioxidant properties which help in blood sugar regulation. Unlike other drinks, it would not imbalance the blood sugar level and it also maintains weight.

Diabetes cannot be cured but with these smart food tips, diabetes can be prevented and if you already have high blood sugar then green tea would neutralize it.